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Sign-ups deadline

- Sunday, July 23rd @ 14:00 AEST. Group table is made after this.


- 5v5, Forests of Caldavar, Captain's Pick
- Saturnday, July 23rd: Round Robin, BO2
- Sunday, July 24th: Top 4 teams, Single Elimination, BO3


- AUS servers ONLY
- Join our channel by typing ingame: /j Clan HoN Tour Admins
- Group (July 23) players must host the games themselves on public servers (Captain's Pick, Forests of Caldavar, Tournament Rules) and report the match ID's to the admins. Roll for sides, highest number picks side, in the game lobby captains type /roll 1 100
- Bracket (July 24) games will be hosted via HoN Tour lobby system


- There are no restrictions or penalties for adding members for any of the Weekly Cups.


- All lobbies will expire +10 minutes after start time from schedule above. If a match is extending after start time, there will be a 10 minutes lobby for the new round.


Prizepool: 25,000 Gold Coins + 5x eSports Bags


1st Place: 15,000 Gold Coins + 5x eSports Bags
2nd Place: 6,000 Gold Coins
3rd Place: 4,000 Gold Coins

Prize Notes:

To receive your prize, please send a HoN Tour ticket to support.heroesofnewerth.com with the prizepool distribution.

Gold Coin Prizes - will be sent on Monday, July 25th after 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST and it will be split evenly between all players that played for the respective team.


Saturday, July 23rd - Round Robin BO2
Round 1 — 15:00 AEST
Round 2 — 16:00 AEST
Round 3 — 17:00 AEST
Round 4 — 18:00 AEST
Round 5 — 19:00 AEST
depending on the number of participating teams, further rounds start every hour

Sunday, July 24th - Single Elimination BO3
RO 4 — 15:00 AEST
Grand Finals and 3rd Place Match — 18:00 AEST

Teams Points Matches | WIN/DRAW/LOSS
The Wolfpack 6 2/0/0
hamcakes Pandas 1 1/0/1
Dirty Ringers 0 0/0/2

*All matches are BO2 series. Win (2-0) is 3 points, draw (1-1) is 1 point and loss (0-2) is 0 points.

*Two/Three way tie: head-to-head if it applies, then winner(s) is decided based on kill differential per game of involved teams (Kills minus Enemy Team Kills).

Date AEST Match Results
July 23 15:00 hamcakes Pandas vs. The Wolfpack 0 - 2
17:00 hamcakes Pandas vs. Dirty Ringers 2 - 0
19:00 Dirty Ringers vs. The Wolfpack 0 - 2

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