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Week 3 of the DeadEye Bounty League finished up this week and while two teams made their debut for this League, one of the other two teams had the opportunity to qualify for the Final Stage already. For the last, it was all or nothing. So let's take a look at these four teams and how they fared in Week 3 of the DeadEye Bounty League:

Tuesday: Group A - [Null]Nullstone Gaming versus [DsBn]DsBn

DsBn, or Team Disband, was starting out fresh in the DEBL this week and their opponents were no other than Nullstone Gaming, one of the favourites to make it to the Final Stage and to take a good chunk of the prize money. And so, without much delay, both teams went to work in game 1. At first both teams played on the same level, no advantage for anyone right away. But after several successful ganks, to which DsBn could not find an answer, Nullstone found themselves in the lead and they used it to pressure their opponents into teamfights, making maximum use of their heroes. DsBn managed to not fall behind for a long time, despite having far less kills than Nullstone, but after around 40 minutes, they started to crumble and a final battle sealed the deal for game 1. Nullstone Gaming claimed the first win.

Game 2 was pretty much the same, only faster. Nullstone got ahead early in the game with several ganks, and while DsBn held on for a while, they fell behind eventually. With the advantage on their side, the Nullstonies now began to initiate teamfights and assault the opposing base, which resulted in a decisive battle after 27 minutes and the second win for Nullstone Gaming in a row. The third game was now the last hope of DsBn and the final hurdle for the Nullstonies. With both Fayde and Sandwraith on their side, the guys from Nullstone Gaming tried something both old and new and while they had some troubles at first, they eventually managed to make it work, evening out the early lead that DsBn gained by good ganks and pressure. Team Disband continued to stay on top of the game here for quite a while, causing Nullstone some serious trouble, but as always Nullstone Gaming bided their time and waited for their opponents to make mistakes. They had to wait quite a while, but they found their opening eventually after 40 minutes, when a huge teamfight went in their favour and allowed them to finally do a proper push themselves. And after a short retreat and another teamfight, they were in the middle of the DsBn base and wreaking havoc. Another 3-0 victory for the guys from Nullstone Gaming, that's some well earned money right there!

[siz=3]Thursday: Group B - [Who]Team Who versus [SolC]The Solaire Club[/size]

Thursday’s match featured two of the strongest newcomer teams fighting each other, and it was a blast. Of course you can't really call Team Who newcomers, they have been around for a long, long time. But while they have been playing that long, we only recently saw them having real success, going Diamond Division in HoN Tour Season 3 and getting into the DBL with ease. The Solaire Club are the true newcomers and considering just how new they are, they have improved at an amazing pace. And here they were now, Team Who playing DBL for the first time and The Solaire Club forced to get the maximum out of this match if they want to keep their hope alive to get into the Final Stage. The first game was pretty even, at least initially. The Club managed to get a little more out of the early phase in terms of gold and experience, but overall no team had a significant advantage. This went on for almost the entire game. There was some back and forth every now and then but all in all these two teams were an even match. It ended after a huge teamfight outside of the base of Team Who, when The Club managed to take out all opposition and win the game, starting them off well into this match.

Game 2 was at hand and Team Who had to act if they did not want to end this match in a disaster. The Solaire Club once more proved that they were indeed strong contenders, something that [Rea]Reason Gaming found out just last week when they almost lost to them three to nothing. Going into this game now, The Club had the better start and got a few decent kills, but Team Who managed to keep their farm up, not allowing their opponents to gain an advantage right here. Once Team Who settled into the game, they were able to put pressure on the Club, winning several teamfights and taking over the game, which led to base pushes and the inevitable base fight, which they won without too many problems, thus winning the second game and evening out the score.

Game 3 had a lot of combat right away and it continued this fast pace throughout the entire game. The Club had to fend off Team Who on many occasions and while they did well enough not to fall behind too far, Team Who still managed to get ahead with every step. After around 35 minutes it was time for the final battle. Even though The Club fought valiantly, Team Who won the fight as well as the whole game here. Finally in the lead now, it was matchball time for Team Who in game 4. Once more an even game in the beginning, game 4 proved to be just as fast paced as the previous one and had Team Who ahead once more, although only slightly at first. In the mid game they finally got a significant advantage after several ganks and team fights and from that point on they were at the helm, winning additional teamfights and pushing The Solaire Club back. And this time it did not take that long, after about 25 minutes the Club was unable to keep up and they decided to concede when Team Who started to tear their base apart. A good four game match right here, a show of skill by both teams and a chance for Team Who to maybe make it to the Final Stage, if they can manage to defeat one of the two top teams in their Group in the following weeks.

And so ended the first half of the DBL Group Phase, three weeks down, three more to go. Tomorrow we will continue with delicious matches during the weekdays, first on Tuesday we will have [Mint]Fresh play against [DsBn]DsBn, followed by [SynC]Sync eSports versus [SolC]The Solaire Club on Thursday. Be sure to tune in and catch some awesome games!

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