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Week four of the Dead Eye Bounty League Group had a bit of a hiccup due to the latest patch and 5 year HoNiversary rumble. Only the match in Group B, [SynC]Sync eSports versus [SolC]The Solaire Club, was played, while the Group A match, [Mint]Fresh versus [DsBn]DsBn had to be postponed to next Friday. This means we’ve only got one result for now, but it also means that there will be even more HoN next week, when we get an even bigger dose of high quality competition! Let's take a quick look at the Group B match and check who's going somewhere and who isn't:

Thursday: Group B - [SynC]Sync eSports versus [SolC]The Solaire Club

Differences in this match could not be bigger. On the one side we have the once undisputed top team of HoN, who had a bit of a tumble recently and are finally getting back on track, ready to make up the World Finals disaster to their fans. So far they have done well in the DEBL, taking their first match with an easy 3-0. And on the other hand we got The Solaire Club. A newcomer team, who just recently gained a bit of fame for almost sending Reason Gaming packing in the DEBL, and who have been getting better and better with every event, slowly making their way into the top 5. The DEBL has not been kind to them though, despite the initial success against Reason, it ended in a loss and their second match wasn't much better. With their second loss they were likely to fall out at the end of the Group stage. So this last match was supposed to be their grand stand, and for that they got a fitting opponent with Sync eSports.

Game 1 started out as expected by many though, Sync got an early lead and really pounded the Club from the first minute on. The Solaire Club fought back of course and managed to get somewhat even in kills, but overall Sync was leading comfortably in both experience and gold. Moving through the game, Sync put up some pressure and let the game progress in their favour, never risking too much and always careful. 40 minutes into the game they were finally going at the opponent’s base and after a final teamfight, Sync eSports carried the first victory home.

Game 2 was pretty much the same, Sync got an early lead in experience and gold, which they never let go of the entire game and the Club fought against it as hard as they could but never really got the upper hand, despite a significant hero kill lead at one point. It seemed that, no matter what the Club did, Sync just kept their cool, focussed on what they were good at and then rolled over their opponents. and this happened eventually in this game, 26 minutes in and the game was over, two to nothing for the Syncs.

Game 3 now had to go in favour of The Solaire Club if they wanted to at least make a dent, but unfortunately it was once more the same procedure as before. Sync getting ahead, Sync waiting out their opponents, Sync taking good fights, Sync dominating their opponents. This game was even shorter than the one before and it ended with Sync earning their second match victory without dropping a single game. And even though they did their best, The Solaire Club once again showed their greatest weakness, being unable to break another teams dominance once that team had found a way to handle the Club - a state that was reached pretty quickly this time. But well, the year is still young and the Club will have many more chances to prove themselves, so we will certainly see them again, better than ever.

With this, Sync is now set up to go to the final stage of the DEBL, along with Nullstone Gaming, who managed the same just last week. the DEBL will continue with week 5 next week, and as mentioned before, the missing Group A match from this week will be played then, so we will have a match on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! More info on the matchups will come up after this weekends Dreamhack Summer Qualification #4 event, so come back soon.

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