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The Dreamhack Summer 2015 Qualifiers have been going for quite a while now and after three entertaining weekends, today wel have the fourth Qualifier. With only this and the fifth Qualifier left to be played, the teams left are now under extra pressure, especially the two top teams still in the bracket. Let's take a quick look at the lineups for this weekend before these quality teams clash this Saturday evening:

[Rea]Reason Gaming versus [Ogr]Shrek is Love

Guess who's back, it's Shrek! After failing several weeks in the 5v5 Cups to make it to the Qualifiers, last week the Ogres finally succeeded and got the long desired spot here. With a changed lineup and new hope they will now try to get one of the few spots for Dreamhack Summer and after several weeks of playing with the not-top-10 teams out there, they are certainly happy to be among the big boys again. And one of the biggest of them all will be their first opponent this Saturday: Reason Gaming. It's pretty much the toughest match they could have hoped for, as Reason Gaming has been playing better and better again recently after some blackouts in the past and they almost made it last week, which will only be further motivation for them to do even better this week. The question is now if they can continue to play that well or will they have another blackout, as they have had again and again in the past? And how good are the Ogres now, after having to play with teams that weren't as strong as the teams here - and they still took weeks to even defeat those! All will be answered this Saturday and while the safe bet seems to be Reason Gaming, let's not forget that the Ogres have surprised us before and this may happen again.

[DsBn]DsBn versus [Who]Team Who

These two teams haven't had much luck so far in the Qualifiers. DsBn was able to get into the next round once, but lost there soundly, while Team Who hasn't smelled any round 2 air at all yet. Luckily for Team Who, the Dead Eye Bounty League has been better at least, where they won their first match, while DsBn didn’t fare as well. So in total both teams should be at the same level in motivation, hopes and fears and them facing now can be an opportunity for whoever wins, as their next opponent may not be as strong as they were/would have been the previous weeks. So this may just be the chance they have been waiting for, with the top teams already gone and the remaining teams struggling. DsBn seems to be in a slightly better position right now, but it is very close and anything can happen, so be ready for an exciting match here!

[TLOS]Team Grief versus [SolC]The Solaire Club

The second set of Round 1 matches on Saturday will be opened by these two teams playing against each other. And both have suffered from being woken up abruptly after dreaming a dream of success. Team Grief had hoped to do well in the Dead Eye Bounty League, but during the qualifiers they failed big time and thus not only lost the spot in the DEBL, but also had to work their way through a 5v5 Cup to get to the DHS Qualifiers. And The Solaire Club, they managed to gain entrance into the DEBL and played very well for a short time. But then reality caught up to them and they lost again and again without much glory there. Sure, they displayed great skill, but in the end it was not enough, neither in the DEBL no in the DHS Qualifiers so far. Now going into this match, one of the teams will have the chance to at least regain some self confidence and have a crack at the bigger teams once more, while the other will have tough times ahead of them. The all-star team of Team Grief seems more likely to win this match, but The Solaire Club has had more practice and they certainly learned a lot in the recent past, so don't count them out.

[BMG]BadMonkeyGaming versus [MAR]Me Are Rus

Honestly, if anyone said last month that this would be a matchup in the fourth DHS Qualifiers, he would have been declared a looney. But it is reality now, the Champions of the HoN Tour Season 3 World Finals are set to play a completely unknown team in their fourth attempt to make it to Dreamhack Summer, and it does not look very promising for them! At least not in the long run, as they had the worst of luck and games in the last few weeks, always losing early. Their greatest success so far in the Qualifiers is to get to Round 2 last week, and even that wasn't too pretty. And now Me Are Rus are their next opponents, a team that few know but who won a 5v5 Cup on their way here and who took a game from Nullstone Gaming, the winners of the last Qualifier. We might just be in for another big upset here unless BMG finally get their A-game back and use their strengths rather than presenting their weaknesses to their opponents on a silver platter. In theory they are the big favourite in this match, but I'll say chances are even for both teams and it is up to BMG to prove to their fans that they still got it in them.

There you go, another 4 quality matchups to get us all through Saturday, followed by the final matches on Sunday. Rea vs Shrek and DsBn vs Who will start at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST and following that will be Grief vs Solaire and BMG vs MAR at 15:00 EDT | 21:00 CEST. Plenty of excitement to be had for sure, as mentioned before, this is one of the two last chances to get into Dreamhack Summer the easy way. And let's not forget the 5v5 Cup #21, which will also happen at the same time. This will be the last chance for teams to get a chance for the final Qualifier next week, so this weeks 5v5 Cup is especially important. As always, Honcast will cover the DHS Summer Qualifier matches, so make sure to drop in on time and enjoy the show. Good Luck and Have Fun to all teams!

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