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The fourth Qualifiers for Dreamhack Summer 2015 happened this last weekend and once more we had some intense action and interesting results after the eight teams played each other in the two evenings to find a Champion. With only five Qualifiers in total, this weekend was especially significant for the top teams still left struggling for a place, so pressure was on them to make something out of it. Let's see how that went.

[Rea]Reason Gaming versus [Ogr]Shrek is Love
The Ogres had finally made it into the Qualifiers and were of course highly motivated going into the first game. However, the first game did not go as planned and their opponents got ahead of them quickly. This led to a continued advantage for Reason Gaming and eventually to them winning against the Ogres after about 35 minutes. Hopes were now on the second game, but this evening did not seem to be in their favour at all. Again Reason got ahead early and carried this advantage home, only tanking about 24 minutes for it. Reason Gaming kicked Shrek is Love out of the Qualifiers with ease and it looked very promising for the guys, who were now moving on to the next round while Shrek is Love were out and now have to try again next weekend - and least then they won't be going against the strongest team right away.

[DsBn]DsBn versus [Who]Team Who
Team Disband and Team Who delivered some exciting matches on Saturday and while only one could advance, both proved that they belong here and would make a worthy addition in the Dreamhack Summer Tournament if one of them was to make it there in the end. Game 1 had DsBn getting the advantage early on with several well planned ganks and teamfights. Team Who tried to keep up with their enemies and partially succeeded: even though they were hopelessly behind in kills, they still managed not to led the gold and experience advantage for DsBn get out of hand. Only in the late game they started to fall apart, when DsBn managed to win teamfights using their hero synergies and the gold advantage that piled up eventually. And once the defense was overcome, the game was won and DsBn was one step further towards the next round. The second game had Team Who holding the kill advantage and Team Disband evening things out with lots of farm. But unlike DsBn, Team Who did not seem to be able to capitalize on their kill advantage and even though they tried hard, they lost some important teamfights, which led to the second loss for them, thus ending their hopes to reach the second round of a Qualifier for the fourth time in a row. DsBn on the other hand were happy with their victory and moved on to play again the next day.

[TLOS]Team Grief versus [SolC]The Solaire Club
A fun match here between the newcomers and the veterans. Both had lots to prove and made these games exciting and entertaining. Game 1 was pretty even at the start. The Club was able to get a few more kills, which allowed them to eventually gain a small advantage in experience and gold. And this continued to the late game, where they would gain more and more ground until Team Grief decided that it was hopeless and they conceded, putting all their hopes in the next game. And this second game was indeed a little better for them. They established dominance quickly and made good use of their advantage, causing problems for the Club all the time. Team Grief never let go and after another teamfight and getting plenty of towers and enemy heroes down, they won the game after about 25 minutes. Game 3 now had to decide things and once more it was Team Grief who got ahead quickly and made the maximum out of it, destroying all of the Club’s hopes in a quick 20 minute match. Good news for Team Grief, bad news for The Solaire Club, who now have only one chance left to get into the Dreamhack Summer event.

[BMG]BadMonkeyGaming versus [MAR]Me Are Rus
Unfortunately Me Are Rus had to forfeit this match, so BadMonkeyGaming moved on without lifting a finger.

[Rea]Reason Gaming versus [DsBn]DsBn
Another fun match to watch, especially with all the pressure on Reason Gaming. This pressure was let off a little in the first game where Reason Gaming really took it to DsBn. Not that they crushed their opponents, but they played very well overall and DsBn never really stood a chance. The game ended after 40 minutes and the second game followed quickly. The second game was very balanced. Both teams had their share of kills and farm and it looked like it would be a long game. And indeed it was, with unusual heroes on DsBns side, Armadon and a farming Circe. And these heroes did a lot of work for the team in this game, which led to an advantage for Team Disband eventually and, after a huge teamfight, to their victory, forcing a third and final game. This third game was slow paced at first and had some backs and forths, but heated up eventually in the late game when Reason Gaming decided to make things happen. Following a big teamfight, Reason Gaming was able to break into the base at around 40 minutes, which also marked the end of the game, Team Disband realized it was over and conceded. And once more Reason Gaming was in the Finals of a Dreamhack Summer Qualifier!

[TLOS]Team Grief versus [BMG]BadMonkeyGaming
Now it was finally time for DMG to make an entrance. This time they made it into the second round again and they hoped to get even further. Team Grief thought otherwise and tried to make it as hard as possible for the monkey to move on. Not in the first game though, this was won in a slow 30 minute match that had only 10 kills, with BMG doing 90% of these. Team Grief fought a little harder in the second game, but it was to no avail, the monkey had their eyes set on the Finals and nothing was able to stop them from getting there. The game was again a little boring, not many hero kills for a BMG game, but at least it ended earlier, around 20 minutes after it started. BMG moves on, Team Grief has to try again next week.

[Rea]Reason Gaming versus [BMG]BadMonkeyGaming
Truly a classic matchup right here. These two teams had been battling for dominance on an almost weekly basis on honcast before and here they would meet again and see who is better after some changes and updates that their teams and the game itself went through. Game 1 was through pretty quickly, when Reason Gaming overwhelmed the monkeys from the very beginning, not letting go once they tasted blood. It took mere 20 minutes for Reason to win this game and it was well deserved. Game 2 was the only hope left for BMG and even though they struggled in this game too, at least they did not get overrun. A longer game developed and Reason Gaming played their cards right, being patient and making use of their gold and experience advantage. BMG continued to fight on and was able to hold their ground for a while but it got too much after a while and around 45 minutes, the final push of Reason Gaming decided the match. With this, Reason Gaming finally moves on to Dreamhack Summer 2015 after so many tries, while BMG are now in very hot water, as they are the current HoN Tour World Champions and they haven't qualified for this amazing event yet.

Will BMG finally make it in the last Qualifier for DHS 2015 next weekend? We will find out in just a few days! Until then make sure to watch some more HoN when it is time for the Dead Eye Bounty League again this week, this time on Tuesday, Thursday AND Friday at the usual times, more about that in the upcoming preview. For now congrats to Reason Gaming for making it to DHS 2015 and also big congrats to [B1G]Brilliant Gaming, who won the 5v5 Cup this weekend and are the last team to join the DHS 2015 Qualifiers, having one shot at it next weekend.

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