It's time for the clash of titans to begin! After 1 week of experimenting with the new patch we are pitting two star studded teams against each other in a battle to the DEATH (not really, but it should be great!) With each team composed of two staff and three competitive players, this bout of skill will take place across five different maps in Newerth including the newest addition, Capture the Flag. So join us on Wednesday on Honcast and enjoy the spectacle that is... the HoNiversary Showdown!

The 5 Maps
Midwars | Capture The Flag | Blitz | Grimm’s Hunt | Forests of Caldavar

The Contenders
Team Breaky: BreakyCPK, Milkfat, [BMG]RootOf_z, [Null]Babaganoush`, [Rea]Nir
Team Wza: Wza, AceJr, [Mint]Kracke, [Mint]probusk, [Who]Shorkan

Tune into on Wednesday, May 13th at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST !