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Last weekend was when the final Dreamhack Qualifier was going down and eight eager teams were set to play to find a worthy Champion who would join the other 4 already qualified teams in Sweden next month. Stakes were high and pressure was just as high for the last remaining top teams, as well as the newer teams who smelled their chance to score a surprise victory and throw out the old pros. Here's what was going on and how the teams played, who got out and who finally made it.


[BMG]BadMonkeyGaming versus [B1G]Brilliant Gaming
It seemed like a clear victory for the HoN Tour World Champions of Season 3 in this match, but with their recent difficulties even getting into the Qualifier finals, anything was possible, even this new team defeating them. So from the very first moment on, BMGs focus was on winning this match as dominantly as possible to get in the spirit of things and hopefully carry this on until the Finals. Going into the games, BMG never had too many problems with their opponents, as expected. B1G fought hard but the experience and teamplay of BMG eventually decided the match, with BMG taking both games and moving on to the next round with relative ease. And it was an important victory for BMG, stumbling at this time against a much less experienced team, even losing one game or falling behind too far would have been disastrous on morale.

[MAR]Me Are Rus versus [Ogr]Shrek is Love
By far the more interesting matchup, here we had two recent additions to the Qualification teams: MAR and Shrek. Both teams did not have it easy before but were highly motivated to get things going and make an impact. In the first game, Shrek managed to claim the gold and experience advantage early in the game, but MAR were keeping up the pressure and scored more kills than their opponents. This continued for a while and MAR even gained a slight gold advantage, but the Ogres waited them out and capitalized on their better hero teamfight synergy during one teamfight, firmly putting the lead back into their hands as a result. And from that point on it was an easy way to the victory for Shrek, after breaking into the base, MAR conceded and Game 1 was Ogre territory. Game 2 had Shrek is Love slightly ahead from the start on and MAR trying to catch up. They succeeded in part during the mid game, but a botched teamfight and some ganks caused Shrek to regain their lead and grasp on the game. And this was enough to get the second win home, Shrek is Love triumphed over Me Are Rus and moved on to the second round.

[DsBn]DsBn versus [SolC]The Solaire Club
Both DsBn and SolC smelled the chance to get at least to the finals here with most of the big boys gone already, so they fought extra hard this evening. Game 1 was an even game, fought between two equal teams. During the 40 minutes that it took, The Solaire Club managed to keep Team Disband from taking over the game several times and held on as long as they could. Team Disband had secured a nice advantage in gold and experience though and with the help of War Beast, who is an excellent hero at split pushing and punishing teamfight mistakes, they eventually overcame the Club and secured game 1. Game 2 was even more action packed than the first and The Solaire Club made it very hard for Team Disband to get anywhere. However DsBn managed to stay on top of the game and with a stellar played Silhouette by gwefix, they were able to win the game in the long run, which meant winning the match and moving on to the next round.

[TLOS]Team Grief versus [Who]Team Who
The two teams fighting it out again in the Dreamhack Qualifiers was a match worth watching for sure. Team Grief went to work quickly in the first game, gaining a slight advantage in gold, experience and hero kills that would only increase the further the game went. Team Who did not seem to find a way to really break the grasp that Team Grief had on the game and after several attempts at a teamfight, a proper one in Team Who’s base spelled the end for game 1 and the first victory for Team Grief. Game 2 followed quickly and Team Grief once again set out to be the dominant side after an initial setback. And they succeeded in that to some point, but Team Who never let them have too much of an advantage and instead came back, slowly but steadily. It culminated in a huge teamfight after a bit over half an hour and it was Team Who who stood victorious this time, forcing their opponents to concede. Game 3 had to bring the decision now and once again we had a match with equal opponents playing against each other. Team Who were a little more dominant and steadily gained small advantages, making maximum use of their heroes and teamfight abilities. Team Grief fought hard, but they were overcome eventually, allowing Team Who to win the match and move on to the next round, the first time in the Qualifiers.


[BMG]BadMonkeyGaming versus [Ogr]Shrek is Love
It seemed like a long while that these two teams clashed, and ever since then, both teams had some changes in them. And now they were facing each other once more in a very important tournament. The first game was rather slow paced and showed BMG firmly on top of things. The Ogres tried to fight back several times, but they never seemed to really succeed at it, dying to the Arachna on BMG's side. 34 minutes after the start, the game was over and BMG had their first victory. In game 2 the Ogres were ready to come back hard and so they did. This time it was their Ravenor who did all the work and crushed the enemy team BMG tried to make a stand several times, but there was no way they could defeat Shrek is Love at that point, thus allowing the Ogres to win the second game. Game 3 once more had to decide who was out and who was in the Finals. And it did so quite impressively. Finally an action packed game, BMG was now determined to move on and annihilating anything that stood in their way. Getting an early lead and forcing maximum aggression, it took the Monkeys only 32 minutes to crush the spirit of Shrek is Love and win the game. It was finals time for BMG once more!

[Who]Team Who versus [DsBn]DsBn
On Sunday we had the second round of the Dreamhack Qualifiers right before the finals and it started out with a repeat of last weekends first round match: Team Who versus Team Disband. DsBn won this matchup last weekend and they were hopeful that they could repeat this just as easy as last time. But Team Who was on fire now after finally getting into the second round and they did not want to let their opponents have their way again. Game 1 showed this very well, Team Who were relentless and gained an advantage quickly, making use of some intense aggression and pressure that eventually led to an even bigger lead. Now it was just a question of taking this home and after a teamfight near minute 22, Team Disband realized that this was going nowhere and conceded. Game 2 was the last chance for DsBn now and they were going to use it. Right from the start they took over the lead in gold and experience and brought on some nice ganks too. Team Who managed to keep their own kills on the same level but fell behind in everything else after a while. Team Disband managed to make use of this and eventually got into a comfortable position, where they could wear their opponents down, eventually scoring the win in this match with the many slows, thanks to Armadon and Arachna on their side. Game 3 had to decide things now and here Team Disband wanted to win the same way as the second game. But Team Who changed their tactics, going to a more versatile carry hero, Sandwraith. The game went on for a long time and first had Team Disband in a comfortable lead, but that lead melted down and evened out after several teamfights. After over 50 minutes, several smaller skirmishes that included barrack kills turned into one big teamfight in DsBn’s base and here Team Who managed to defeat them soundly, allowing them to take the game, match and entrance to the Qualifier finals.

[BMG]BadMonkeyGaming versus [Who]Team Who
Both teams were quite glad to finally be here: BMG needed to win this no matter what to keep their status as top team and play in the Dreamhack Finals and for Team Who it was another chance to impress their fans and make the jump from a good team to a truly top team. The first game started out very well for Team Who. At first it was slow, but they got kill after kill and put BMG in a very uncomfortable position, surprising them with their aggression and skillful execution. But after a while they started to make mistake after mistake and allowed BMG to make an impressive comeback from a game that was already lost to them. No matter what Team Who tried, they somehow managed to fail every time, which allowed BMG to get ahead big time in the course of the game. And at the end of it, BMG had a huge lead and destroyed Team Who, showing us one of the bigger comebacks in a while and really humiliating Team Who. Game 2 was now Team Whos only hope and they decided to sneakily kill Kongor before the first minute. However they were spotted right in the middle of it and punished quickly, which made them lose some ground right from the start. But even with that early kill, it did not explain why they fell apart from that point on. 10 minutes in the game, BMG already had a huge lead, even bigger than what Team Who had in the first game before they started making mistakes. And BMG did not make mistakes in this game, so their lead only got bigger and Team Who was suffering defeat after defeat in teamfights. 22 minutes after the game started, it was finally time to concede and BadMonkeyGaming got their second victory, and with that, the long desired entry ticket to Dreamhack Summer 2015! Team Who will remember this match for a while and most likely learn several lessons from it. And in defeat it is most important to learn from these mistakes, so you won't do them again next time. And there will always be a next time.

And that's it! With this the Dreamhack Summer 2015 Qualifiers are over and these are the teams that made it:
[SynC]Sync eSports
[Null]Nullstone Gaming
[Rea]Reason Gaming
Congrats to all 5 teams and good luck in Sweden next month! More about the Dreamhack Summer 2015 event will be posted here soon, so stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy some Dead Eye Bounty League, which will continue for the next two weeks, on which you will also find more info here soon!

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