Season 4 World Finals

  • el
  • pt
  • June 18-19 In Bangkok, Thailand

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    Event Information

    Day 1

    • Stream Begins

      10:30 ICT
    • Group Stages

      - 2 Groups of 4 Teams - Best of 2, Round Robin
      11:00 ICT

    Day 2

    • Stream Begins

      09:00 ICT
    • Final Brackets

      - Top 2 Teams from each group advance - Single Elimination, Bo3 Semifinals, Bo5 Finals
      09:30 ICT
    • Closing Ceremonies

      - Time will vary depending on Match length
      22:00 ICT

    Prize Pool

    • ฿5,000,000 $141,392 (USD)

      Total Amount

    • ฿2,000,000 $56,557 (USD)

      First Place

    • ฿800,000 $22,622 (USD)

      Second Place

    • ฿550,000 $15,593 (USD)

      Third Place

    • ฿550,000 15,593 (USD)

      Fourth Place

    • ฿300,000 $8,483 (USD)

      Fifth Place

    • ฿300,000 $8,483 (USD)

      Sixth Place

    • ฿250,000 $5,655 (USD)

      Seventh Place

    • ฿250,000 $5,655 (USD)

      Eighth Place


    • compLexity Gaming
    • Signature.Snoop Dog
    • Kimochii
    • Team Meka
    • compLexity Gaming

      Complexity Gaming has had the most consistent roster this entire HoN Tour Season. Coming in second to Sync eSports during the cycle play, Complexity qualified through the NA/EU playoffs. The only North American team on the scene, they're looking to prove everyone wrong and take home the coveted Doombringer.

      • Formless
      • WhaT_YoU_GoT
      • Fuzzysloth
      • `Oscah
      • `love
    • Signature.Snoop Dog

      Leading the charge for the proud region is two-time HoN Tour Thai champion Snoop Dogg, who did not only win the Winter season, but also the Summer one. The rising team has been the dominant force for a while now in domestic competition.

      • Kanom``Pang
      • Badbadtz`
      • Ra_Dub_Pates
      • Lord`Mikael`
      • HyenaR5R6R7
    • Kimochii

      Ever since the Garena Star League 2024, in which the world got to know the Thai teams for the first time, Kimochi is around and well in the Thai scene. After a long hiatus from the limelight they're back on the international stage to show the world what they're made of.

      • b3lLz
      • Ta0`1Pause
      • Do`Zo`zzZ
      • AffeRay
      • Aomyarap`
    • Team Meka

      Besting the CIS heavy hitters, Cats Gaming, Meka now has their chance to shine in Thailand, avenging the past results of their fellow CIS teams. Led by the experienced ArtMeister, these youngsters are looking to stir things up and make a big splash during this World Finals.

      • Speedman
      • HUKUTOH
      • ArtMeister
      • Gogrrr
      • Fk_MyrrenOo
    • MiTH. Phoenix Mix dafa
    • Neolution eSports.MRR
    • Sync eSports
    • Wingbow Gaming
    • MiTH. Phoenix Mix dafa

      Coming off a fresh win at this year's GSL event, Mith.Phoenix has built up a large amount of momentum going into the 2024 World Finals. This team is eager to prove they have what it takes to match up with all the international competition.

      • ``PTY__
      • `5678
      • Esc`
      • `boxser
      • carryACT
    • Neolution eSports.MRR

      Neolution eSports.MRR, the winners of the most recent DreamHack Summer competition over Reason Gaming, are a crowd favorite in Thailand. With big stars such as punkpang and Chitawan, the Thai team looks to improve on their second place finish from last year.

      • punkpang
      • Chitawan`R2
      • goD'kSsA
      • O7T`v1
      • LeafHB
    • Sync eSports

      One of the most renown names on the HoN scene, Sync secured their spot to the World Finals by coming in first place throughout the regular season of HoN Tour Season 4. They're looking to redeem themselves from last year's performance and finally take home a championship.

      • Xibbe
      • m`ICKe
      • cerenia
      • Haxxeren
      • Zlapped
    • Wingbow Gaming

      Beating You Met Wrong Opponents last November for the Malaysian Singapore HoN Championship, Wingbow Gaming locked up their seed for the World Finals late last year. They're stepping forward in an attempt to put their region back on the map and claim the World Champions title for themselves.

      • Maylouse
      • hahazim
      • GosuEpul
      • Fribble
      • MyGoDzJr


    • BreakyCPK
    • Insania
    • Matthewmatical
    • Ragroste
    • BreakyCPK

      BreakyCPK has been casting Heroes of Newerth for more than 6 years and is considered the Voice of HoN. There is very little to nothing that he has not seen when it comes to competitive Heroes of Newerth.

    • Insania

      Some have called him the GOAT. Whether he is or not is no doubt a debate, however there are few with as much experience as Insania. With that he brings top tier knowledge of the game to share with the fans.

    • Matthewmatical

      Matthewmatical has been playing and watching HoN for 6 years. He has casted many scrims as well as filled in on Honcast for official tournament matches and is excited to go to his first ever live event.

    • Ragroste

      Ragroste has been playing HoN since 2024 and has competed with and against the best in the NA HoN scene. He did a bit of co-casting this past season of HoN Tour on Honcast and will also be going to his first live event.


    Sunday, June 19th

    The final four teams that survive the Group Stages will compete in a single elimination tournament to decide this year's HoN Tour Season 4 World Champions!

    Semi Finals — Best of 3

    * Due to time zone differences game 1 will take place on June 18th in this region
    22:30 EDT * | 4:30 CEST | 9:30 ICT
    2:00 EDT | 8:00 CEST | 13:00 ICT

    Grand Finals — Best of 5

    6:00 EDT | 12:00 CEST | 17:00 ICT