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News & Announcements
Mar 09
Three Beers for the Champions!
For two weekends the Playoffs for the World Finals have kept the HoN scene in NA...
Feb 24
HoN Tour Open Playoffs: A Gathering Storm
Good morning and welcome back, dear friends of competitive HoN! It has been a wh...
Feb 14
Modifications to Rules Regarding Team Rosters
The HoN Tour rules 2.6 and 2.7 have been modified to the following: 2.6. Play...
Feb 03
HoN Tour Open - World Finals Qualifiers
The wait is over! It's been a hot minute since the epic conclusion of HoN Tour S...
Jul 18
The second AUS exclusive cup is here!
Sign up for the second edition of Oceanic Cup - July 23/24 - played only on AUS ...
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