To everyone and anyone who is interested in the competitive scene, we have huge news. Here at HoN Tour we are bringing this breaking news to you before any source!

Today, one team is one step closer to success, while one team received a huge setback.

sliCkz is leaving Tt eSports officially and becoming a part of Gary Johnson 2012.

I think it is safe to say that TteS had a very disappointing DreamHack Winter 2012 event, receiving many negative comments on some of the latest roster changes, team synergy, and not playing too well together. TTeS was many people’s favorite before the DreamHack event, but afterwards, most of those people were left with nothing but disappointment.

Now with sliCkz leaving them, are they still a team to fear? Can they do well without their almighty drafter and leader? Only time will tell, but in the meantime let’s see what David wyt` Ashwell has to say about this:

“We are sad to see sliCkz go, and we wish him the best for his future gaming endeavours. He has been more than just a teammate but a good friend too. We also look forward to proving to ourselves and the community that we are not just the team behind him as we take down Hon Tour!”

sliCkz is one of the most experienced and skilled players out there, and he definitely had a huge role in TteS’s achievements. After this departure, there is no doubt that TteS will not be the same team they used to be.

As for Gary Johnson 2012—what have they become? They were already a favorite, a team that placed 2nd right behind Trademark eSports in the HoN Tour Qualifiers. Now with the addition of a player who has an immense amount of experience and skill? Get your popcorn ready, because this year, we are going to have hell of a competition!

We have compLexityGaming, a team who went undefeated for a very long period of time.

We have Trademark eSports, the winners of DreamHack Winter crushing their opponents—and as if that’s not enough, they also dominated the HoN Tour Qualifiers and took first place.

And now,Gary Johnson 2012, who showed great potential with both individual skills and team synergy, is adding sliCkz to their lineup.

With all of this talent competing against teams like QsQ, Experience Gaming, Pikachu and much more, keep your eyes open—you will not want to miss a single second of this competition!

While many questions come to mind regarding Tt eSports’ future, it is unfortunate that they lost a player and friend with whom they played for an extended period.

“I have spent the past two years building, leading, and drafting for my team and I am looking forward to finally stepping down as leader of the TteS HoN team and being able to do my thing and focus on my game by joining my new team, V0TE.

swindlemelonzz is a terrific drafter and has very good knowledge of the game; together me and Kyle will be able to lead the team very well and our drafting is going to better than ever. I love all the guys I have played with and all the relationships and friendships I have made but at the end of the day I am disappointed with our results and I want to win and I want to be the best.

Thank you Riser_, LeonBlack`, Moiravus, and Dave for being awesome teammates and thank you ThermalTake for being such a good sponsor. To all my fans, thanks for sticking with me over the years and I hope to make you proud!”

-Trent "sliCkz" Tucker.

As you can see in the quote above, we are not the only ones who are disappointed in Tt eSports’ results. Being a professional player can force you to make difficult decisions sometimes. You have to do what’s right for your gaming career and put your personal relations aside. That’s exactly what sliCkz did, which is yet another sign showing how professional and determined he is.

I have always liked Tt eSports; their style and team synergy has always amazed me. Despite the poor results from DreamHack Winter, I hope they will be able to survive the departure of sliCkz, find a worthy replacement to fill his spot and get back on the field! I wish you the best of luck!

Gary Johnson 2012 just became a lot stronger. Of course, it is still a big question mark if sliCkz will perform as well with a completely different team, but all signs indicate this new roster is freaking scary for their opponents! From sliCkz’s quote above, it seems the duties with his new team will not include drafting, a responsibility that will remain with swindlemelonzz. Something to keep an eye on!

Good luck to both teams in the future. There is no doubt things will go much smoother and better for Gary Johnson 2012 with their powerful new roster. As for Tt eSports, only time will tell if they can recover from this loss.

And as for us viewers, this is so freaking exciting! I cannot wait to see Gary Johnson 2012 compete against the best teams in the world in HoN Tour Diamond Division!

No words would be enough to explain the excitement and entertainment this change will bring to the scene; no quotations and no song will be inspiring enough, but from sliCkz and his new team V0TE to every competitor out there: “HERE COMES DADDY!”

- RoLanD