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Introduction to HoN Tour Season Two

The officially sanctioned competitive tour for Heroes of Newerth

-10 Event Cycles
-4 Divisions
-$360,000 global prizepool in cash

HoN Tour NA/EU is a multi-event tournament series with a Season 2 cash prize pool of $100,000 and a gold coin prize pool of $80,000. Running from August 2013 to March 2014, HoN Tour begins with a Qualifier to seed players into one of four divisions.

Following the Qualifiers, the Tour will continue with 10 event Cycles occurring every two weeks, with the exception of holidays and other major HoN events. Once registered and competing, participants will automatically find themselves moving through each division based on their HoN Tour Rank as determined by their placement at the end of each Event Cycle.

HoN Tour revolutionizes eSports by providing competitive gamers of all skill levels with consistent and frequent events designed to automatically place players in appropriate skill divisions


HoN Tour is comprised of a Qualifier, 10 Event Cycles, and a live Grand Finals which will consist of the top teams from each regional HoN Tour (NA/EU/AUS, SEA, CIS and Latin America). Participants compete in one of four divisions of play: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

The Qualifier is an open tournament with max 1024 registrations. The Qualifier will be Single Elimination, where top 104 teams will qualify for Diamond (8), Gold (32) and Silver (64) Divisions, while the rest of 8 Diamonds spot will be filled with invites.

Event Cycles:
Each Event Cycle lasts for 9 days from Saturday to the next Sunday. During each Event Cycle, competitors will compete simultaneously in one of the four divisions. Teams will be promoted and relegated into new divisions based on their placement at the end of each Event Cycle.

Live Grand Finals:
Each Event Cycle awards HoN Tour Points in addition to cash and Gold Coins pizes. Points which accumulate over the 10 Event Cycles, which generate the ranking. At the end of Season 2, the team ranked 1st will automatically qualify for the Live Grand Finals, while teams ranked 2nd - 17th will enter a playoff to determine the second team that will go to the Grand Finals. These teams will compete for their share of the $150,000 event in Southeast Asia.

For more information on structure and how HoN Tour works go to Rules and Information.
Prizing Breakdown

Every Division pays cash and/or Gold Coins prizes at the end of every Event Cycle.


HoN Tour is designed to impact the HoN community at every level; from the top levels of competition, to the core level of our player base. With a tiered system of rewards, top teams will be ushered into the Gold and Diamond Divisions, allowing up-and-coming teams to grow in a fair competitive setting. The more casual Silver and Bronze Divisions will only play on the weekends, allowing players with busy weekday schedules to participate in the Tour.

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