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Introduction to HoN Tour

Season 2
HoN Tour is the official competitive circuit comprised of tournament Seasons and stand-alone events. Season 2 had a cash prize pool of $100,000 and a gold coin prize pool of $80,000. The prizepool was split across 10 cycles and 4 divisions (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond). Each team has battled for supremacy in their own division as the top teams of each divison would advance to the next one.

Season 2 culminated with a huge lan event that took place in Thailand at the end of March. With a total prizepool of $ 181,888 USD ($150,000 + $31,888 Foot locker) the top teams of each region NA/EU, CIS and SEA have participated and fought each other for the title of HonTour Season 2 World Champions. See World Finals Portal for more information.

Season 3
Information about the upcoming Season 3 will be released in the near future.

Off-season Weekly Cups

The concept of the Off season Weekly Cups is to provide consistent action in the form of: a more serious event - the 5v5 Cup (weekends, usually Captain's Pick) and the fun events - Variety Cup and NA Cup (both have same format, ranging from Midwars to BD, 3v3 or 5v5) that cater for EU region, respectively NA region as far as schedule is concerned.

As bonus, the winner of the 5v5 Cup will be invited to participate in the next week's KOTH - Challenger Match (Tuesdays, 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST).

For more info see the weekly cups post in the News section or sign up via Events.


Coverage for competitive HoN is something we have always done our best for to make sure the community can watch the best players in the world compete against one another in a game we all love to play and watch. With the recent creation of caster accounts, we are now looking for community members to help grow the coverage scene for everyone to enjoy.

If you think you can hold your own and wish to become an approved community caster, click here!

Last Updated 4 / 17 / 2014

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