By RoLanD

Match Highlights of coL vs DoP. Video made by Ryfle.

Hello everyone, to clear things up, this is a match summary - a very different type of article than my regular match recaps. This is going to be fact-based, to fill those people who could not watch Honcast but still wants to know about the game. Enjoy!

compLexityGaming takes on Domain of Pain on a Saturday night, in Round 2!

After a 20 minutes delay, both teams finally readied up.

Game 1:

CoL is Legion, and DoP is Hellbourne side for the first game.

Legion (Complexity Gaming) Bans: Parasite & Gravekeeper (Blind Ban), Engineer, Tremble, The Dark Lady
Hellbourne (Domain of Pain) Bans: Ophelia & Tempest (Blind Ban), Silhoutte, Magmus, Draconis

Legion Locks: Legionerre, War Beast, Cthulhuphant
Hellbourne Locks: Wildsoul, Keeper of the Forest, Fayde

bkid on Fayde
Franzzii on Glacius
MoonMeander on Tundra
Chessie on Wildsoul
Haxxeren on Wretched Hag

Fittske on Aluna
Emperor on War Beast
Jeppins on Keeper of the Forest
RexxcarVroom on Arachna


As the timer ran out, Haxxeren randomed Fayde out of the lock pick. Game starts.

Roaming Aluna & Torturer vs solo Hag mid lane

Fayde & roaming Glacius vs solo Arachna top lane

Solo Tundra vs Solo Keeper bottom lane

War beast and Wildsoul are jungling.

A really interesting line up from coL, with a jungling Wildsoul which we almost never see.

* With the help of Glacius, Haxxeren on Hag gets a kill on Torturer mid at 3:30

* Fittske gets a kill on bkid, as Aluna around 5th minute.

* Roaming Glacius and Fayde, helping Hag crushes Torturer mid. They left Arachna freefarm top in the meanwhile. Complexity really has a weird set up, with lots of movement.

* Complexity groups up bottom, and tries a 4-men gank on Keeper of the Forest, however they fail while losing a lot of farm and experience. In the meanwhile, Fittske secures a kill on Hag middle lane. It's 2-2 in terms of kills by the 9th minute.

* It does seem bad for Complexity at the moment, there is 3k exp and 2k gold experience in favor of DoP. Fayde & Glacius roamed a lot resulting in lack of experience and fark, both 5 levels versus Hellbourne with all heroes in level 8 except Aluna.

* DoP snipes a kill on Wildsoul, who is saving for directly a Mock, without even buying any kind of items. Chessie on Wildsoul sits on 3k gold by 12th minute with 250 GPM.

* Wildsoul finishes a 16 minutes Mock of Brilliance. While, War Beast has Steamboots, Abyssul and a Mighty Blade. The experience and Gold difference has almost become zero after coL's tower pushes. MoonMeander on Tundra sits on 0/1/2 score with a relatively early Portal Key. Arachna bought a Helm of the Legion, and a Blessed Orb, possibly going for a Geometers Bane.

* Torturer finished Steamboots, Tablet, and Grave Locket, doing really well being in a 1v2 lane versus a Hag with the help of roaming Fayde and Glacius. In the meantime, by 20th minute, Domain Of Pain gets the Kongor, and Arachna gets the token.

* A relatively slow game, mostly a farm fest. 4-4 on kills by 21th minute. Domain of Pain and Complexity Gaming keeps exchanging towers, preventing any king of team fight by pushing completely different lanes.

* Big teamfight bottom lane as DoP pushes the last Tower before Barracks, coL manages to come on top with awesome team synergy and coordination.

* There is not 4k exp and gold advantage in coL, talk about shift of momentum. They pushed a lot of towers, and Wildsoul is a beast right now, while War Beast sits with same items as he did 5 minutes ago. Started to look real good for coL, as Hag finishes Shrunken Head and Hellflower played by Haxxeren. Wildsoul and Hag both has near 500 GPM while Arachna and War beast sits on 350-400 GPM.

* Franzzii on Glacius deserves a lot of credit this game, managing to die only once, while actively warding and dewarding. Of course, Fittske on Aluna also has an awesome game with a score of 3/1/2 by 28th minute, warding really aggressively, close to coL's base.

* An awesome teamfight happens in mid lane near barracks of DoP, ending with only Tundra and Aluna dead. Even if coL looks like they are on top on paper, DoP looked really scary that fight, pushing coL back to their base.

* coL killed the first barracks of DoP in the mind lane, after a fight near the Kongor Pit. After that DoP, gets the Kongor, and leaves the Token on Torturer, while preparing for a counter push in the mid lane.

* After a hell of a fight, Chessie and Haxxeren literally crushes DoP, winning a genocide for their team while Tundra is the only fallen one in the Legion side. coL keeps pushing Towers, and Barracks. It started to look really bad for DoP. Chessie on Wildsoul almost finishes a Charged Hammer in the meanwhile.

* Complexity wins another teamfight, and DoP runs out of hope. They concede.

Complexity Gaming takes Game 1 versus Domain Of Pain

Game 2:

CoL is Hellbourne, and DoP is Legion side for the second game.

Legion (Domain of Pain) Bans: Ophelia, Tempest (Blind bans), Silhoutte, Moraxus, Draconis
Hellbourne (Complexity Gaming) Bans: Gravekeeper, Parasite (Blind bans), Fayde, Tundra, Tremble

Legion Locks: Keeper of the Forest, Cthulhuphant, Plague Rider,
Hellbourne Locks: Legionerre, Wildsoul, War beast,

bkid on Pebbles
Franzzii on Aluna
MoonMeander on Keeper of the Forest
Chessie on Plague Rider
Haxxeren on Zephyr

Fittske on Glacius
Emperor on Cthulhuphant
Jeppins on Wildsoul
RexxcarVroom on Soul Reaper


After a long pause, game starts. Haxxeren on Zephyr, and Bkid on Pebbles looks scary while Emperor is playing his signature hero Cthulhuphant.

Solo Soul Reaper vs solo Keeper of the Forest bottom lane

Bramble & Glacius vs Pebbles & Aluna middle lane

Suicide Wildsoul vs Zephyr & Plague Rider top lane

While Cthulhuphant roams and jungles.

* Haxxeren and Chessie top gets the bloodlust kill on Jeppins playing Wildsoul, with amazing hero blocking. Must see! coL is off to a good start!

* We see Soul Reaper, Bramble and Cthulhuphant in the legion side. A very weird line up, versus our standard Complexity. Bramble receives a lot of harassment in mid, of course versus a very hard lane, Pebbles and Aluna.

* Soul Reaper does very good bottom lane with 30 creep kills by 5th minute, versus that tanky Keeper of the Forest. Of course, his passive helps a lot and provides a lot of harassment.

* Bramble and Glacius gets a kill on Pebbles with the help of Emperor on that Elephant, giving a setback to Pebbles, delaying that inevitable moment when Portal Key comes in.

* Pebbles dies once again, with Emperor roaming mid successfully. In the meanwhile, Haxxeren on Zephyr gets another kill on Wildsoul, finising Helm of the Legion and boots by the 8th minute with 400 GPM. Wow!

* A game with a lot more action compared to first game, this time coL has the early advantage, with 2,5k advantage on both gold and experience. 10th minute, bkid on Pebbles just finished Steamboots. Not doing so good, DoP executed the roaming Elephant really well.

* Haxxeren on Zephyr, level 11 by 12th minute finishing Shamans Headdress on top of that Helm of the Legion, maintaining that 450 GPM while keeps freefarming top lane and ancients. DoP has to act quick about this! Soul Reaper finishes Astrolabe with 330 GPM, top farmer in the Legion side.

* And they do! 5 men gank on Zephyr, and a Tier 1 tower kill top lane! This should decrease the gold advantage a bit. They keep pushing the tier 2 tower, Pebbles and coL acts though, they force a teamfight, amazing Plague Rider ulti and DoP comes on top, with the Tier 2 tower kill and 1 hero exchange. With the gold boost, Emperor finishes his Sols. Let's see if coL will counter push.

* coL does decide to push the top lane. Got 1st tower, moving on to the 2nd one, but DoP mass TP in and they not only succeed to defend their tower, but they also get a kill on Keeper of the Forest.

* Pebbles buys a Portal Key by 17th minute. DoP keeps getting free towers. coL forces a teamfight, Soul Reaper melts Pebbles but Zephyr just finished a Icebrand and just wrecked them with a very nice ulti, killing Bramble AND Glacius. Maintaining that 3k gold and 7k experience lead despite the lost towers. coL looking very strong once again!

* A big teamfight happens bottom lane after coL pushed tier 2 tower, with an amazing Zephyr ulti, together with Pebbles initiation and Plaguuu they manage to genocide Domain of Pain.

Complexity Gaming takes Game 2 as well with a very promising performance. GGWP to both teams, and best of luck in upcoming games!

- RoLanD