Howdy team,

After reading through all of the feedback from this last weekend, we tweaked some things and added new features to the HoN Tour system.

• There is now a 10 minute expiration timer between matches instead of 30. Many people expressed that rounds were taking too long and hopefully this will help reduce that.

• The website bracket page has been completely re-hauled and now looks better than ever! Forfeits now show on the bracket properly, scores on the bracket update live as you play your match, BYE’s are now shown, and when you click on a team name on the bracket a new tab will open with the team profile from To view the new and improved bracket go to here.

• When in-game during HoN Tour times type /hontour into the chat to view your scheduled match info.

• The forfeit message will no longer pop up if you are in the lockpick screen when the timer expires.

We are constantly reviewing your feedback and appreciate your support in this massive project. We are looking forward to consistently putting out new and great features into HoN Tour.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

Sam “Milkfat”