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HoN Tour Season 4

HoN Tour is the official Heroes of Newerth competitive circuit. HoN Tour revolutionizes eSports by providing competitive gamers of all skill levels with consistent and frequent events designed to automatically place players in appropriate skill divisions. The fourth HoN Tour season begins on August 1st with a Qualification tournament where teams face off to earn a spot in the upper divisions. Qualifiers will run from August 1st until August 16th and will be followed shortly by Cycle 1, which starts on August 22nd!

HoN Tour Season 4 is divided into eight Cycles culminating in a regional Playoffs where the winning teams advance to compete in the World Finals. It features a base seasonal prizepool of 70,000 USD for the regular season, and our latest community funding initiative - the Paragons - will boost both the Cycle’s and World Final’s prizepools!

Community Funding

The Paragons are our latest community funding initiative that enables the community to support and contribute to the HoN competitive scene. During each cycle, 20% of the Plinko revenue raised will go towards that cycle's prize pool and 5% will be stored away to bolster the World Finals' prize pool. The Paragon set features exclusive avatars and collecting them will grant extra perks!

For more information please go to our Paragon page.


HoN Tour Season 4 begins on August 1st with a Qualification tournament. The Qualifiers run until August 16th, and the first Cycle begins on August 22nd. This season features extended Cycles for Diamond and Gold divisions, while Silver events will last only two weekends. More information on regional Playoffs and the World Finals will be released later in the season.

Overall season schedule

QUALIFIERS — August 1 to August 16
CYCLE 1 — August 22 to September 6
CYCLE 2 — September 12 to 27
CYCLE 3 — October 3 to 18
CYCLE 4 — October 24 to November 8
CYCLE 5 — November 14 to 29
CYCLE 6 — December 5 to 20
CYCLE 7 — January 9 to 24
CYCLE 8 — January 30 to February 14
PLAYOFFS — February 14 to March 6

See Calendar for a weekly schedule of Season 4 and stand alone events!

Division schedule breakdown

A cycle spans sixteen days and each broadcast starts at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST. All Divisions play for the first two weekends, with Diamond teams playing in additional games on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the cycle. During the third week, the top two Gold teams will compete with the bottom two Diamond teams in our new Relegation Matches, and on the following weekend the top four Diamond teams will face off to determine the champion of the cycle. The schedule breakdown is as follows:

Sat/Sun — Diamond (Groups), Gold, Silver

Tuesday — Diamond (Groups)
Thursday — Diamond (Groups)
Sat/Sun — Diamond (Groups), Gold, Silver

Tuesday — Relegation Match
Thursday — Relegation Match
Sat/Sun — Diamond (Playoffs)


Notable changes

Season 4 brings notable changes in both format and schedule - Bronze division has been removed and Silver is now an open bracket tournament. Silver and Gold events remain Single Elimination and Double Elimination, respectively, while Diamond division now features a Round Robin Group stage and Playoffs. Additionally, we will now host Relegation Matches between the bottom two teams of Diamond and the top two teams of Gold to determine their division placement for next Cycle.

Format & Promotions

Promotions and demotions occur at the end of each Cycle. The lowest placing teams from one division are demoted to a lower division, while high placing teams are promoted to a more competitive division. The highest Division is Diamond, followed by Gold and Silver.

Note: If a division is missing teams due to forfeits or disqualifications, we will manually promote extra teams based on points and results.

-Group Stage: Eight teams in one group, competing in a best-of-two Round Robin.
-Playoffs: Top four teams compete in a best-of-three Staggered Double Elimination
-Relegations: Bottom two teams of Diamond and top two teams of Gold compete in a best-of-three. Winning teams stay or are promoted to Diamond, losing teams stay or are demoted to Gold.

-Brackets: Sixteen teams compete in a Double-Elimination bracket.
-Relegations: Top two teams of Gold compete against the bottom two teams of Diamond in a best-of-three. Winning teams stay or are promoted to Diamond, losing teams stay or are demoted to Gold.
-Demotion: Bottom four teams of Gold are demoted to Silver.

-Brackets: Unlimited number of teams compete in a Single-Elimination bracket.
-Promotion: Top four teams of Silver are promoted to Gold.

*Staggered Double Elimination - the four teams that advance from the Group stage are seeded in the Playoffs as follows: Seed 1 and 2 to Winner Bracket Final and Seed 3 and 4 to Loser Bracket Semifinal. All rounds are best-of-three, including the Grand Finals (there's no point advantage for the WB Finalist).


DIAMOND and GOLD — initially seeded during pre-season qualifiers, then teams are demoted or promoted automatically depending on their performance.
SILVER — teams need to sign up for Silver events each cycle


HoN Tour Season 4 features a regular season prize pool of at least $70,000. Each Cycle boasts a $8,750 base prize pool, plus contributions from the Paragon set. Additionally, 142,000 Gold Coins will be rewarded each Cycle, and players will receive fifty Silver Coins for each game won in the HoN Tour system and twenty-five Silver Coins for a loss. Prizing for Playoffs and World Finals will be revealed as the season approaches those stages.


Overall Structure

• Main Bracket: 128 teams, Double Elimination, BO3, August 1th - August 16th
• Placement Match: 8 teams, Single Elimination, BO3, August 15th - August 16th

Invites & Breakdown

Five teams will receive direct invites into Diamond Cycle 1, joined by the top 3 teams from the Qualifiers. The next 13 teams will earn their spot in the Gold division, along with the 3 winners of the Placement Match. Keep an eye on Hontour.com for more information!

Format Details

In the Main Bracket the WB Finals, LB Finals and Grand Finals are not necessary so they will not be played, instead the 3 teams that win WB 4 and LB 2 are considered Top 3 and qualify for Diamond.

The eight teams that lose in Main Bracket's LB 16 round (August 9) will participate in the Placement Match (August 15/16), which is a partial Single Elimination, meaning the Grand Finals will not be played and the winners of RO 4 and 3rd place match will qualify for Gold.

Sign-ups are open on July 10th and will close on July 31st at 17:00 EDT | 23:00 CEST.

Last Updated 07 / 24 / 2015

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