Last year HoN Tour shook the very core of Newerth as over 18,000 players took part in the biggest tournament in HoN history. Now, that legacy continues. HoN Tour Season 2 takes things to a global scale and gives anyone the chance to be a Hero. Are you ready?

Registration for HoN Tour Season 2 Qualifiers runs from July 12th to July 24th, allowing players of any skill or experience level to try their hand in the most competitive event Heroes of Newerth has ever seen.

On July 27th the action begins when up to 1024 teams will battle it out in a single elimination tournament. With eight of the competitive scene’s top teams having already been invited to the prestigious Diamond Division only half of the spots remain at the top.

*Additional placement matches will be required for teams that lose in RO 128 and RO 64, in order to properly place them into Gold and Silver divisions. More information about this will be released next week.

Reminder: Teams that qualify for Silver, Gold and Diamond will be automatically added to the events in Cycle 1.
Teams that place 104th to 1024th will NOT be automatically added to Bronze events, and will have to sign up for these once registration for Cycle 1 is live.

Will the Legends of old prevail or will we see new Heroes leave the battlefield victorious? Play, watch, and prepare. HoN Tour Season 2 is here.

For full information (sign-up, dates, registration deadline) go to HoN Tour Season 2 Qualifiers event page.