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For HoN Tour Open info go to About and Rules. If you don't know how HoN Tour system works go to Beginner’s guide.

Below you can find solutions to the most common problems and how to contact the Admins.

Contacting Admins

Live support during tournament times:

Head admin - inklin
Admins - NerubKahn or PencilOfDoom

Either whisper an admin or join our clan channel by typing ingame /j Clan HoN Tour Admins


Outside tournament times, submit a Hontour ticket at support.heroesofnewerth.com.

Players / Teams

Q. I can't log out.

Delete your browser’s cache and cookies, then try again.

Q. I can't register my account / Account swap

If you already have registered account, you cannot register a sub-account. Contact an Admin to swap your sub-accounts.

Q. I can't join a team. Why?

Read the message provided by the system. If the message does not apply to you, contact an Admin for additional assistance.

  1. If the message says your team is playing in an event, contact an Admin to manually add you.

Q. I left the team by mistake, do we get penalty?

Contact an Admin to help you with this situation.

Q. I forgot my team’s password.

To reset your team’s password, the Captain or co-Captain must go to Team profile -> Info tab -> Edit info -> Password field.

Q. I disbanded the team by mistake.

Once disbanded, the team profile cannot be recovered. If necessary, contact an Admin for additional assistance.


1. HoN Tour Open

Q. If I missed both qualifier tournaments can I still participate in HoN Tour Open Playoffs?

Unfortunately, the Playoffs are restricted to only teams that have qualified through the two Qualifier tournaments.

Q. Is my team automatically added to the Playoffs event after we qualify?

Yes. Teams that reach the top 4 in the qualifiers will automatically be added to the Playoffs.

2. Events General

Q. I registered my account, why am I not in the event?

Just registering your account does not create a team or sign you up for an event. See Beginner’s guide.

Q. I don’t see my team in the bracket.

Make sure you have registered and haven’t unregister from the event. Unfortunately, after brackets are created, additional teams cannot be added.

Q. I cannot register to an event.

Make sure your team has the minimum amount of members required to join the event (5 for 5v5, 3 for 3v3, etc.) and that registration is not closed. Only Captains and co-Captains can sign the team for events!

Q. I forgot to sign up for an event, can we join now?

Teams can sign up until brackets are created. After bracket creation, additional teams cannot be added.

Remove MODS

Q. I got a mod alert / kicked out of the game!

If you have mods, you will be automatically kicked during picking phase, and the game continues without you.
Do not attempt to reconnect until you got rid of the alert.
Read the following article Remove all mods.

Q. I get a mod alert but I have no mods

Please write the following commands in the game console (open and close with ctrl+F8), individually:
setsave fs_trackcustomfiles true
This will show you any mods you might have. Remove the respective files and restart your game via red [x] button from top right.

Lobby problems

Q. I can't see Hontour button.

First re-log. If that didn’t work and you recently joined the team, contact an Admin to reset the lobby.

Q. Someone crashed during load / could not get in game lobby.

Make sure to have removed any installed Mods, and that players do not have high Leaver %. Contact an Admin ASAP to reset your Hontour lobby if needed.

Q. We were all members in the lobby but still received a forfeit.

All members must be readied up in order to not receive a forfeit.

Q. We are in the game, game lobby or picking screen and received forfeit message.

This is usually an error, but check the bracket and contact an Admin to be on the safe side.

Q. Someone disconnected during the game, what do we do?

Please read the Rules - Game Rules.

Q. Server crash

Contact an Admin as soon as possible to reset the Hontour lobby if needed.
In order to assist Admins, please provide the console log (zip it and upload to tools.heroesofnewerth.com ) and send it to our Helpdesk by submitting a Hontour ticket.


Q. How do I receive my prize?

Please read the Prize Policy from Rules - General Rules.

Last Updated 02 / 10 / 2024

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