DreamHack Summer 2024 Qualifiers

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  • The journey to Jönköping starts now!

    With 5 spots up for grabs, the DreamHack Qualifiers will be a battle to the very end.

    Starting with BMG, Sync, and the top 6 teams from the Offseason Qualifiers, the 8 teams will go toe to toe in a single elimination qualifier where the winning team will claim a coveted spot at DHS15, including full travel and accommodations.

    The remaining 7 teams will be joined by the winner of that week's 5v5 Cup and continue onto the next week's qualifier until 5 teams have successfully qualified for the event.

    The only question that's left to ask is, which teams will rise up to the occasion, earning the trip of a lifetime and the chance to compete on HoN's home turf?

    Qualifier #1

    8 teams, Single Elimination
    Bad Monkey Gaming
    Sync eSports
    Top 6 teams from Offseason Qualifier
    Qualifier #1

    Winner = 1 invite to DHS15

    Qualifier #2 — #5

    8 teams, Single Elimination
    7 teams from
    previous Qualifier
    Winner of the 5v5 Cup from previous weekend
    Qualifiers #2 — #5

    Winner = 1 invite to DHS15

    Rules and Information

    • Prize: 5 invites to DreamHack Summer 2024 (one invite per Qualifier) including full travel and accomodation.

    • Format: weekends only, 8 teams, single elimination, BO3, winner receives invite and does not participate in future Qualifiers.

    • DHQ #1: BMG, Sync and the 6 teams from Offseason Qualifier. Seeds: BMG, Sync, OQ 1-6.

    • DHQ #2-#5: the 7 remaining teams and the winner of the previous 5v5 Cup. Seeds: previous DHQ placement and 8th team is the 5v5 cup team.

    • 5v5 Cup #18-21: open bracket, BO1 all rounds on Saturdays, and BO3 Semifinals & Grand Finals on Sundays. Teams may sign up with a new roster for any 5v5 Cup. The 1st placed team will participate in the next DreamHack Qualifier, if they are unable to, the invite will go to the next placed team from the Cup.

    • More Offseason information: Click here.

    • Roster: teams need to use at least 3/5 members from World Finals, Offseason Qualifier or 5v5 Cup. Can add 2 more permanent members and 1 stand-in throughout DHQ (both counted separate from DBL).

    Earn Your Chance to Qualify

    To participate in future DreamHack Qualifiers you must first play in a 5v5 Cup !

    Registration for each 5v5 Cup opens a week prior and closes on the first Saturday of the event at 10:00 EDT | 16:00 CEST. All events start at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST.

    Dreamhack Summer 2024 Qualified Teams


    DHQ #1

    Sync eSports

    DHQ #2

    Nullstone Gaming

    DHQ #3

    Team Name

    DHQ #4

    Team Name

    DHQ #5