Season 3 is over and a World Champion has been crowned, but we're not done yet - the competition continues with the Offseason !


This year's Offseason is designed to give teams and players the opportunity to keep their skills sharp and fight for a bountiful prizepool, between the Season 3 World Finals and DreamHack Summer 2021. The main event of the Offseason is the $20,000 DeadEye Bounty League, an exciting new format featuring best-of-five matches, and a bounty style prize distribution. DreamHack Qualifiers are 8 team Single Elimination events, that will be played over five consecutive weekends and yield five DHS qualified teams by mid-May. In addition, we will be hosting an optional DreamHack Summer warm-up event during the week prior to DHS, and a Honiversary showmatch event between the competitors and the HoN Team Staff.

With both Sync and BMG traveling to Thailand for the World Finals, we’ve made sure that both teams are automatically invited to the off-season events, without having to play in the Offseason Qualifier, which takes place on April 11-12th and yields 6 teams. These 8 teams will play in DBL and the first DreamHack Qualifier. The 2nd-5th DreamHack Qualifier will be comprised of the 7 remaining teams and the winner of the previous 5v5 Cup, giving a chance to both old and new teams alike to qualify for DHS!


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Broadcast schedule
• Weekdays:
a) EU vs EU matches at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST
b) EU vs US matches at 16:00 EDT | 22:00 CEST

• Weekends: starting at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST
• Stream: Honcast and any other community casters

Events Breakdown

Offseason Qualifier (OQ)
Prize: top 6 teams will join BMG/Sync in DBL and first DH Qualifier.
Format: max 64 teams, BO3 Single Elimination (with RO64 bo1), stops after RO8 and the 4 losing teams will play in the extra BO3 round for place 5th-6th.
Seeding: S3 points will be used differentiate between the teams of same place (place 4th - seeds OQ 1-4 and place 6th - seeds OQ 5-6).

DeadEye Bounty League (DBL)
Prize: 20,000 USD ($6,000 in Groups and $14,000 in Final Bracket)
Format: 8 teams - BMG, Sync and the 6 teams from Offseason Qualifier, go into Groups then Final Bracket
Groups: two groups of 4 teams (3 games/team, 6 games/group), weekdays, BO5, seeds:
A - BMG, OQ 2, OQ 3, OQ 6
B - Sync, OQ 1, OQ 4, OQ 5

Final Bracket: top 2/group, 4 team Double Elim, BO5 rounds with GF Bo7 (1p adv)
Bounty System:
a) Groups max allotted is 6,000 USD ($100 per game won within the BO5 matches - in case of 3-0 score the winner takes the whole bounty of $500)
b) Final Bracket total is 14,000 USD ($500/team guaranteed, then bounty for each round won) as:
- for getting to Final Bracket ($500/team) $2,000
- Winning RO 4 (1500 per match) $3,000
- Winning LB RO 2 $1,000
- Winning WB Finals $2,500
- Winning LB Finals $2,000
- Winning Grand Finals $3,500

Roster: teams need to use 3/5 members from Off Season Qualifier. Can add 2 more permanent members and 1 stand-in throughout DBL (both counted separate from DHQ).

DreamHack Qualifier #1-#5 (DHQ)
Prize: 5 invites to DreamHack Summer 2021, one invite per Qualifier
Format: weekends only, 8 teams , Single Elimination, BO3, winner gets the invite and does not participate in future Qualifiers
DHQ #1: BMG, Sync and the 6 teams from Offseason Qualifier. Seeds: BMG, Sync, OQ 1-6
DHQ #2-#5: the 7 remaining teams and the winner of the previous 5v5 Cup. Seeds: previous DHQ placement and 8th - the 5v5 cup team.
Roster: teams need to use 3/5 members from Off Season Qualifier or 5v5 Cup. Can add 2 more permanent members and 1 stand-in throughout DHQ (both counted separate from DBL).

5v5 Cup #18-#21
Prize: 1st placed team will play in the following DreamHack Qualifier, additional to GC and Avatars
• May sign up with new roster

5v5 Cup #22-#25
Prize: 1,200 USD with 300 USD per each cup
• May sign up with new roster

Honiversary Showdown - Information to be announced

DHS Warm-up Event
Prize: 1,300 USD plus any unclaimed bounty from DBL Groups (in case score is 3-1 in a Groups match the leftover bounty is $100, considering there's 12 group matches, then 0-1200 USD may be added to this event)
• More information to be announced

DreamHack Summer 2021
Prize: through DHS Community Funding
• More information to be announced

Roster notes
• permanent player = if a team has 7 players, new permanent will replace the 7th who can only be added back with slot penalty
• standin = if a team has 7 players, standin will replace the 7th and he can be added back without penalty

Stay tuned to for portals, sign ups and updates!