Real name: Jascha Markuse

Other nicknames: TyR) at DotA, Orbwalk before NoVa_ (eventually got rid of the underscore)

Location: Germany, NRW

Hobbies: Performing on stage (Theater), juggling, clubbing

Clan: Q sQuad until further notice

Role: 5th, hard support

Favorite heroes:: Voodoo Jester, Wild Soul, Torturer, Moon Queen, Deadwood

Favourite items: Portal Key, Sheepstick, Bound Eye

Favourite player: Flash (Sc2 player)

Accomplishments: Four Dreamhack titles, SS WC 1st and a couple others

1. What games did you play before HoN and how did you get to play HoN?

Started with N64, Mario was my favorite game. When I got access to a PC, Wc2 3, Baldur's Gate series, Knights of the Old Republic and DotA were the games I played the most. My brother introduced me to HoN and after a prolonged adaption period I finally made the switch.

2. Your old teammates of fnatic moved on to Dota2. What made you stay in HoN and start QsQ instead?

Originally I went with them but Dota2 just didn't feel right to me. The game is not inferior by any means, it was just personal preference. I played significantly less than the others and eventually fell behind in practise. When it was clear that we got the possibility for an amazing replacement, I took my leave without any hard feelings. The full story can be read here.

I'm still in touch with my old team every now and then.

3. What do you hope to achieve with your team in the near future?

Las Vegas is the goal right now. As the competitive future of HoN is not fully outlined just yet, we will wait and see what comes after. Generally speaking we also want to gain a lot more stability in our performances.

4. What heroes and lane setups do you prefer to play? Are there any setups you consider to be typical or signature for your team?

Not long ago we were known to excel at 4+1 lineups with NoX on a hardcarry and the rest creating space and playing around him with limited resources. Lately, however, we managed to get more versatility last but not least due to the fact that Jonassomfan stepped up as our current drafter. He certainly brought fresh wind into our playstyle and we benefit a lot from it.

5. Playing Hard Support is an ungrateful and depressing job at times, yet you manage to make it look easy. How do you do it?

Since I played that role in the past I just remember how ungrateful and depressing it can be to play hardcarry when you get effectively shut down early. Also, wards don't fight back when you kill them.

6. You play a lot of different heroes and roles when you stream and play TMM. Could you imagine changing roles in competitive gaming too?

Not if there's no need for it. I was ready to start learning basically any role when I started the QsQ tryouts depending on what we would lack but I found four amazing players in their own rights. Thus I don't feel a drive to play a different role at all, only a specific hero every now and then that doesn't fit my role, such as DW and MQ (before they were cool).

7. What were the moments and experiences you liked the most in your long career in HoN? Anything you really hated?

Every LAN was an outstanding experience, even the smaller ones and LAN events are probably the main reason we want to become professional players, right? I find it hard to outright hate something especially since I kept a good balance between gaming and other satisfying goals but there were definitely periods of time in which I grew very tired of certain players' behavior or situations in competitive play that add nothing to the game and could've easily been avoided. Lately my journey has been total roller-coaster though - there's no time for big negative emotions, always more work and the next step ahead.

8. You (and your team) have been streaming a lot in the past days and weeks, even having a 24h streaming marathon. What are your streaming plans and ideas for the future?

Most recently I started a How To HoN series that was perceived very well by the community, I absolutely want to do more of this if I find the time for it. As for team projects we will do another marathon in the near future, this time 36h! I'm going to announce it after the Las Vegas qualifier, so you better stay tuned.

9. How is your private life going? Do you have plans for your future, outside of gaming?

Yes, I have several paths I can take but right now I am satisfied with what I have in studying, theater and eSports and don't plan on changing anything too soon.

10. Do you have any tips for aspiring hard support players? It's a hard job, but you seem to inspire plenty of people to give it a try, how can they improve?

Map awareness is key for a support in any competitive game. Giving out information, taking care of your own positioning and time management. You can always start improving by learning to look at the minimap 30%+ of the time without losing control of your actions. Rest is comparable with any other role, watching replays of others and yourself, create situations, practise them, rinse and repeat.

11. Any shout-outs or things you want to say to the community?

Our fans are amazing. During our downtimes you never fail to amaze us by staying and cheering us up. During our highs I feel like giving something back to you, it's the real cycle of professional gaming. You guys and girls are the shit! Please continue to follow me on my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

Stay classy!

PS: Shoutout to Style!

That's it from the well known NoVa. As The first Hon Tour Season nears it's climax, there will be another Touring with the Q sQuad article up soon, also don't forget to join in the 36h streaming event when it is happening!

- Blaze