After a busy HoN Tour Saturday, the Champion of Cycle 7 in the Silver Division has been crowned! Let's see what happened there:

To determine who would be playing in the finals, the semi-finals had to be played first, of course. And in one of these two matches, the team of [DNKE]DONKEKONG defeated team [wrdd]Wardeded with 2:0.
The other semi-finals between [Sen]Sen Gaming and [z]Zen Gaming also ended 2:0, making the final teams DONKEKONG and Sen Gaming.

Late in the european evening, these two teams clashed and with another flawless 2:0, Sen Gaming is now the Champion of the Silver Division in Cycle 7! Congratulations to them for winning the finals and good luck and have fun to all teams for next week in Gold Division, when the last Cycle for this season begins!