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HoN Tour Season 3

HoN Tour is the official HoN competitive circuit. The third HoN Tour Season begins on July 26th and features a regular season prize pool of at least $70,000. Season Three is divided into 8 two-week Cycles, culminating in a regional Playoffs, and the World Finals. HoN Tour Season 3 will run concurrently with eSports Plinko, a new initiative featuring exclusive URSA Corps Avatars and other rewards. A percentage of revenue from eSports Plinko will be used to increase the total prize pool of each Cycle and the World Finals.

eSports Plinko

eSports Plinko is a new initiative that enables the community to support and contribute to the HoN competitive scene. The eSports Plinko board will be present for the entire eight month Season. During the Season 25% of eSports Plinko revenue will contribute to HoN Tour prize pools, with 20% going to each Cycle’s total prize pool and 5% contributing to the World Finals prize pool.

The eSports Plinko board features 8 new and exclusive URSA Corps avatars, while the final two will be available as Limited Edition avatars from the in-game shop. Collecting multiple URSA Corps Avatars grants additional exclusive rewards including a name color, taunt, courier, announcer pack, and an evolving Silver Coin booster.


HoN Tour Season 3 begins on July 26th with the Qualifier Stage. Qualifiers run until August 10th, and the first Cycle begins on August 16th. This season features an extended schedule, allowing for breaks between most Cycles. Regional Playoffs are scheduled for February 2024, with the World Finals in March 2024.

Overall season schedule

QUALIFIERS — July 16/August 10
CYCLE 1 — August 16/24
CYCLE 2 — September 6/14
CYCLE 3 — September 27/October 5
CYCLE 4 — October 18/26
CYCLE 5 — November 8/16
CYCLE 6 — December 6/14
CYCLE 7 — January 10/18
CYCLE 8 — January 31/February 8

See Calendar for a weekly schedule of Season 3 and stand alone events!

Division schedule breakdown

A cycle lasts 9 days and all matches are played during the weekend, max 2 rounds per day at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST and 15:00 EDT | 21:00 CEST.

DIAMOND — both weekends (4 days)
GOLD — both weekends (4 days)
SILVER — first weekend and second Saturday (3 days)
BRONZE — both weekends (4 days)


Season 3 will once again feature the four Divisions - Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. To promote a higher level of competition the top Divisions have been slightly altered. Diamond Division will now feature an eight-team Double Elimination tournament, while Gold Division will feature a 16-team Double Elimination format and SIlver will show a more condensed 32-team Single Elimination event.

Format & Promotions

Promotions and demotions occur at the end of each Cycle. The lowest placing teams from one division are demoted to a lower division, while high placing teams are promoted to a more competitive division. The highest Division is Diamond, followed by Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Note: If a division is missing teams due to forfeits or disqualifications, we will manually promote extra teams based on points and results.

DIAMOND — 8 teams, Double Elimination, demoted: bottom 2
GOLD — 16 teams, Double Elimination, promoted: top 2, demoted: bottom 4
SILVER — 32 teams, Single Elimination, promoted: top 4, demoted: bottom 8(RO 32 losers will play in Silver Placement match to determine the bottom 8 in Silver)
BRONZE — Unlimited, Single Elimination, promoted: top 8

Sign ups

BRONZE — teams need to sign up for Bronze events each cycle
SILVER, GOLD, DIAMOND — initailly teams qualify, after which they are demoted or promoted and placed in brackets automatically


HoN Tour Season 3 features a regular season prize pool of at least $70,000. Each two-week Cycle boasts a $8,750 base prize pool, plus contributions from eSports Plinko ($10,000 per Cycle guaranteed minimum total prize pool). While all of the base prize pool is in the Diamond Division, the Gold Division receives 10% of the eSports Plinko contribution, allowing up-and-coming teams a chance to fight for cash. Additionally, 243,000 Gold Coins will be rewarded each Cycle, and players will receive 50 Silver Coins for each game won in the HoN Tour system and 25 Silver Coins for a loss. Prizing for Playoffs and World Finals will be revealed as the Season approaches those stages.

Last Updated 07 / 09 / 2024

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