Dear Competitors,

HoN Tour is a prestigious event. All players that are playing in any HoN Tour events are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner and respect the rules.
We do not tolerate ill-mannered or unsportsmanlike behavior, nor intentionally throwing games to avoid rules.

Considering the above, and the events of 10th March, during the Loser Bracket Finals (Diamond, Cycle 7), compLexity Gaming and Absolute Legends have received the following punishments:

Team: compLexity Gaming
Members: bkid, Franzii, MoonMeander, Haxxeren, Riser_
Admin Ruling:
For all-chat spam, unsportsmanlike conduct and blatantly throwing the series in both games, compLexity Gaming receives 1 (one) warning and the 50% points and prize money loss will be applied for Cycle 7 (for intentionally conceding both games at 15min).

Team: Absolute Legends
Members: Kookiez, KingPlato, miesty`, Mookiez, Present23
Admin Ruling:
Absolute Legends receives 1 (one) warning for all-chat spam and unsportsmanlike conduct during the series.

Match ID's - Loser bracket Finals (Diamond, Cycle 7)
Game 1: 112495038 (chat parse)
Game 2: 112496171 (chat parse)

- Sam "Milkfat" Braithwaite, Esports Director