Throughout the second half of 2024 we saw [coL]compLexityGaming take the reins and look to be in near impenetrable form. With what seemed to be unbeatable compLexity going into Dreamhack Winter 2024, the scene was shocked when we saw [tdM]Trademark eSports overcome the titans in what seemingly started a downward trend in compLexity's performance. Here we'll take a look at their journey, and what it took to get back to being in top shape in time for the HoNTour Grand Finals!

An Up and Down Sequence of Cycles

With the start of HonTour we saw compLexity struggle and attempt to get back on top. Mid-way they lost Chessie to [sG]stayGreen, and moved on with the addition of Riser_ to the squad.

Their lineup going into the finals is as follows:

Josh bkid Choi

David MoonMeander Tan

Peter Franzzii Dager

Jeppe Haxxeren Jensen

Andrew Riser_ Bronze

The team has been dealt with a lot throughout HoNTour Season 1, so I decided it was best to let compLexity speak for themselves to tell us if they feel they have what it takes to claim victory here in the Grand Finals.


For several months after Dreamhack Summer of last year you guys had held a dominant streak, but since Dreamhack Winter you guys have struggled to be that same dominant force. Now we see you guys making a comeback with your recent victory in the Sound Blaster Heroes League. Do you guys feel you are back in shape? What will you/have you be doing to ensure your victory at the Vegas LAN?

Moon: “I feel like we're back in shape and adjusted to the current meta. There's no certainty that we will win Las Vegas and I know how much people freak out over certainty, but we'll give our 110% and do our best!”

Franzzii: “I don’t think we are back to our full potential, but we’re definitely getting there. Losing a player midseason out of nowhere and having to replace him within the week was something incredibly hard to do. We’ve had some success as of late and hopefully that momentum will help propel us towards victory. We will be bootcamping in Vegas for 3 days prior to the tournament to prepare for this event.”

You guys have gone through a lot with Chessie moving to Stay Green and the addition of Riser_ in later stages. With many ups and downs in terms of performance did, any moment during the season concern you guys for your long turn performance? What is your long-term plan for being part of the compLexity squad?

Moon: “During the "slump" period as I like to call it, we had troubles finding a suitable 5th. We tried out LezzQQ, but it did not work and Riser_ did not blend in as well in the beginning. However Riser_ is a committed and bright individual, and through his willingness to change and his potential, he improved drastically playing with us and is now a solid 5th! I’m glad we did not just throw in the towel and disband -- we stuck through it. For me, I like to live and let live and bygones be bygones. I never live for the future, and don't have a long term plan. I love living in and enjoying the present and letting tomorrow surprise me.”

Franzzii: “Never. Players come and go and that’s just how eSports work. We’ve all been around long enough to know that some players are mature and stable, but some are not. Building a team with those that are not can often prove volatile in the darkest times so we’re glad to be free of that burden. As for the long-term, we’re currently just a bunch of guys refusing to grow up and having fun playing HoN. Only time will tell as to the future, but we’re quite content in our current standing.”

Going to Vegas is something you guys have been anticipating for quite a while. How was the HoNTour season in your eyes as a team?

Moon: “HonTour season was great with lots of up and downs for compLexity, but we stuck through with it through thick and thin and came this far through hardwork and dedication! We're proud to have qualified as the top four for HonTour season 1 and look forward to an even bigger season 2 with (hopefully) bigger cash prizes since it'll be global!”

Franzzii: “Honestly it was kind of tedious, but it was nice to have some regular structure in the scene that we’ve been missing.”


With both Moon and Franzzii giving their thoughts on the past season and what their team has gone through, we find that they will be going into the finals not expecting to win outright -- but confident nonetheless. They face Trademark in the first round; something neither Trademark or even Stay Green wanted going into the finals. With the seemingly revitalized compLexity squad looking to be back in shape, they will be bringing their new game to the finals.

Though they have been unable to claim first place in a HoNTour cycle, we have seen consistent results coming out from the coL.HoN team.


Cycle 1: 2nd place
Cycle 2: 2nd place
Cycle 3: 5th/6th place
Cycle 4: 4th place
Cycle 5: 7th/8th place
Cycle 6: 2nd place
Cycle 7: 3rd place
Cycle 8: 2nd place

Other competitions:

GSL Qualifiers #1: 3rd/4th place
GSL Qualifiers #2: 2nd place
Dreamhack Winter 2024: 2nd Place
Sound Blaster Heroes League: 1st place

Their results show that although they have been unable to defeat their opponents in the finals of each HoNTour cycle, they are still powerful contenders to the throne. Despite losing to Trademark for the first 2 cycles, they soon overcame that problem as they had found new competition in teams such as [LION]Lions eSportsKlubb who gave them problems until Stay Green rose to power. Many back and forth results ensued with compLexity being able to trade games with Lions, Trademark, and Stay Green.

This really helps paint the picture we see between these final four teams that have been interchanging wins and losses for quite a while. For the past four diamond cycles we have seen the highs and lows of each of the combatants. In Cycle 5, compLexity reached their low point after being knocked out in the fourth round and suffering defeat at the hands of Lions and Stay Green. Still, compLexity had essentially secured their 3rd place HoNTour finish about halfway through the season, given that all teams continued to perform consistently.

In the final round of Cycle 8 we saw coL come from the Winner's Bracket to match up against Stay Green. Live casted from PAX East, we saw the teams put on quite a show for the spectators in the final game. Down 2-1, we saw compLexity employ a new strategy using Midas and The Gladiator -- heroes we have not seen in many months, yet they used them to great effectiveness. It all came down to one unfortunate team fight however, where we saw coL unable to claim top barracks and Stay Green managed to claim the Doombringer from Gladiator's cold dead hands to take victory.

Finals Words from compLexity.HoN

Moon: I wish all the other competing teams good luck and see you in the ring! Shoutouts to Donald and Tegoeh (Softer) and my girlfriend Aica!

Franzzii: Shoutout to Lions, the hardest working team in HoN! Shoutouts to our sponsors Sound Blaster, Newegg, Origin, PNY, Creative, Twitch, and QPAD!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the compLexity streams on twitch?

You can find them here:

- Crowslaw