Season 2 - Pre-Cycle 2 Rules Update

In light of recent events, certain rules have been further detailed (Roster Adds) or modified (Dirty Ringing Penalties), and Stand-in system was implemented.
All changes below are applied starting today, Friday 23th August 2024, for Cycle 2 and onwards.

Roster Adds

On Short:
1) New: team take overs are not allowed. Once a team has just 1 or 2 players on its roster due to team disband, such team will not be able add more players, to participate in the next cycle and will be seeded last if needed, then demoted to Bronze Division.
The empty spots in each division will be filled by promoting the teams from the next rank/place (eg. Gold 6th Place) with highest number of points, from the division below.
If a Diamond team has disbanded via Disband button, or disbanded but left the roster there for someone else to grab, it is fairer to give this spot to a Gold team, than to arbitrarily give it to a random team recently put together.

2) Reminder: Roster limitation system has been kept
- 2 free roster adds/SEASON, starting with 3rd it will cost 20% points
- For teams with minimum 3 players*(New) on roster: between any two cycles, each team has 2 player slots for roster additions. No matter how many players are added or kicked from those 2 slots (penalties from above apply accordingly for each add), teams can only have 2 new players in the next cycle.
We have added the requirement to have at least 3 players to make any roster adds, in order to avoid team take overs.

Stand-in System

Reason: due to teams' need of stand-ins and to eliminate dirty ringing.
1) Teams are allowed to add stand-ins to their roster if:
- such player has not played for another team in the current cycle
- such player will not play for another team in the current cycle
- such player is not on the roster of another team with an alternate account (no matter the event).

2) Details:
- Maximum number of stand-ins/Cycle: Gold - 3, all other divisions - 2
- How: ask an admin during the event, captain provide team name and player's registered HoN Tour account
- Penalty: there is NO penalty to use stand-ins.
- The stand-ins will be removed from the roster once current Cycle is over.

Dirty Ringing

If a team is found guilty of dirty ringing, the penalties are the following:
- one Official warning for the teams that used a dirty ringer, and one Official Warning for the dirty ringer
- 20% points and prize deduction per dirty ringer used.

Rules will be updated accordingly, on Monday, 26th August 2024.