Cycle 4 of HoN Tour Season 2 has been going on for the past two weeks, and now that all results are in here are the winners from the cycle:

A whole new chapter of HoN Tour Diamond Division has been written by [LION]Lions eSportsKlubb
[LION]Handsken, [LION]Superkge, [LION]fUzi, [LION]Sealkid, and [LION]Jonassomfan have done what seemed impossible for many cycles - especially from the Losers Bracket. They defeated the old Champions, and now rule supreme in the fourth Cycle. Good job and thanks for adding some colour to the game!

[RpTm]RaepTiem win the Gold Division and advance to Diamond with a blast
[RpTm]Biver, [RpTm]FredeFarlig, [RpTm]Jarlungen, [TKAG]SeQuenSe, and Wazzo did it like the LIONS and became the Gold Division Champions, despite coming from the Losers Bracket. Good job guys, keep it up in Diamond!

Silver Division was dominated by [dnL]Denial eSports.
Another step towards Diamond Division, the team with VnSensation, [Zdos]Zlapped, Flensmeister, [BUSK]probusk, and m`ICKe is looking as strong as ever. Keep it going!

[KRMP]Krampus Christmas are the final Champions of Bronze US Division.
[BSLK]FuzzySloth, , pranKz`, [EG]`QueenMoon, and [GdD]Combatshitzu are the names you should keep in mind for the future, as this team hails from the dark forests of Bronze US, and will ruin the Christmas for many in the Silver Division next cycle!

Finally, the [K0TF]of the Forest have become the undisputed Champions of the Bronze EU Division in Cycle 4!
[K0TF]Mlwhisper and his teammates [K0TF]Pessi, [K0TF]Sienestaja, [K0TF]sampe_, and [K0TF]Ouker have come out of the woods to claim the final Bronze EU Crown, and now look forward to a more SIlver wood next cycle.