In Thailand the second cycle of HoN Tour kicked earlier this week. In CIS the qualifiers are up and running. in North America and Europe teams are eagerly counting down the start to HoN Tour Season 3. Those three regions were the center of attention in the last weeks, but now Singapore and Malaysia look to steal the spotlight with their “HoN Tour”.

Biggest difference to last season is the separation between the individual countries. While last time teams from Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia slug it out for bragging rights in the entire region, they all go separate ways this time around. HoN in Thailand goes back to the G-League system, while Singapore and Malaysia continue their cooperation. Last year the Malaysian Singapore HoN Championship already united these two nations, now they play a HoN Tour division against each other.

In terms of the competition and format it is very similar to North America and Europe. The stayGreen of Southeast Asia was Orange eSports (ADN Gamers), who have now stepped down and moved on to other things. To be fair, some names from that big team are still around, but the two faces in Shuiyu and MrGhost are no more. On the other side, kiDDO has joined Invasion eSports, who make a comeback to HoN after their team fell apart post-GSL 2024 with carry player Endkindler replacing dabeliuteef on Orange, and PixieBaby moving into retirement.

Invasion eSports is actually emerging as one of the top teams and front-runners of the entire competition with kiDDO, emptychin, and siifr as the notable names. Speaking to insiders on the SEA scene, they mentioned the merger as a possible new superpower. The loss of key players to the new squad left the old bRix a bit in flux, with captain Softer staying behind and recruiting new talent. So far both teams can be found on the upper side of the tables with Invasion still holding on to an undefeated record of 4-0 after two weeks and two matches, while bRix is sitting at the fourth place with a split map score of 2-2.

Alongside with Invasion on top of the mountain is the team of Privaron Espada, a team that, at least on the surface, houses no familiar names. Regardless of star power, their coordination on the battlefield seems to work out just fine, and so Piv came off to a fast start; their sweeps against weeN and bRix have left a mark. A 4-0 record, no recognizable names, and a rather easy schedule on the next two weekends might elevate the squad to quite a story.

Last team in the top 4 currently is Team EG, known by the full name of Evil Genius Gaming. In no shape or form associated to the North American organization, the team has still made some noise. Once more, no star power is on that squad, but yet again that didn’t keep them from winning. 3-1 after two matches with a sweep over You Meet Wrong Opponents and a split against All I do is Win springboarded the squad to the three spot, but question marks still hang over the new team. The fact that EG hasn’t yet faced Invasion, bRix, or Piv is like an asterisk on the performance of the the evil masterminds. Next week the competition will get significantly harder, with matches against Malaysian All Star, and Piv, followed by Invasion and bRix in the final two weeks. The matches with Piv and INV will show if EG is for real, or just Kansas City’ing it until now.

Introducing the entire league below the top four spots is something done rather quickly, with only one team having a notable name in the roster. Malaysian All Star has Flawless signed up for them, the very same player that was part of Invasion eSports’ GSL 13 campaign, then playing with known names Endkindler and PixieBaby. The other three teams - All I do is Win, You Meet Wrong Opponents, and GseA Gaming - have no big names, nor had massive success thus far. yMwo and weeN are each 1-3 in the league; GseA is the only team left in the competition without a victory on their resume.

If the winless competitors can turn it around this weekend against weeN is the question, but it will be answered on Sunday for sure. Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 PM local time (2:30 PM CEST | 8:30 AM EST brought to you by the GarenaSEAHoN channel on Twitch. Leading you through the action and the shows are the beloved casters of Epic Gaming Television Babael, Abstract, and XenoViper. Be sure to tune in and follow the action of the Malaysian Singapore HoN League 2024 Season 1.

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