Cycle 1 GC and Cycle 2 Brackets

Due to a few technical issues, the end of cycle procedures have been delayed by 2 days. The brackets for Cycle 2 will be posted tomorrow, Wednesday, August 27 (Bronze will open sign ups then as well), and the Gold Coins for Cycle 1 will be sent today.

Regarding Bad Monkey Gaming

Bad Monkey Gaming posted on the forums they won't participate in HoN Tour starting with Cycle 2, however we are happy to announce that a part decided to stay. The roster will consist of 3 original members (Superkge, Support, Xibbe) plus 2 new permanent members (Tankafett, Haxxeren).

A few of you might have heard about DONKEKONG (3rd place Gold Cycle 1) being promoted to Diamond to fill up the empty slot - but due to BMG's return, DONKEKONG will remain in Gold.

We want to clear out a few things regarding rules and our procedures:
- points: each team has 2 free roster adds/SEASON after which the 3rd+ will cost 8% points. Tankafett and Haxxeren are the first 2 permanent members, so they consumed the 2 free roster adds, and no points penalty will be applied in this case.
- being able to change their mind: considering the end of cycle procedures are delayed until Wednesday (and their team hasn't been taken out yet), they had time to change their mind, despite their forum announcement.
- roster rules: keeping 3 members of the original team and adding 2 more permanent members is fully allowed by the rules. Only in the case of 2 members we manually disband the team. See Rules - 2. TEAMS, points 2.4 and 2.5.
- filling empty spots: in case a Division has empty spots after promotions/demotions, these will be filled with teams from a lower Division by promoting extra teams. This is done based on their rank and then points. Examples: Diamond is missing 1 team, then the 3rd place team from Gold will be promoted. Gold is missing 1 team, then we look at teams that placed 8th in Silver and promote the one with most points. If there's a tie in points, we look at their match history.

~ The Admin team