By quincy0191

This weekend we’ll see two new teams join Diamond Division as WOP WOP and Nullstone Gaming qualified through their success in Gold last cycle. These teams are comprised mostly of what should be familiar names, but I’ll forgive you if you can’t quite place them, as we haven’t seen most of them all that much. Let’s look at the guys from both teams that played at least a little bit in the Carnage in Caldavar event or HoN Tour Cycle 1.


`Drentz` - 2.2/4.5/5.5, 207 GPM, 32% win, 25 games

We saw quite a bit of this guy in CiC, as he played mostly support for The Last of US during Cycle 2 and rang for a couple games in the beginning of Cycle 1 when miestybro was unavailable. Nullstone Gaming contains a lot of former tUS players – six in fact – so that will be a consistent theme. Unfortunately he did not do too well with just a 32% win rate, slightly below tUS’ overall 36.2% win, but with a perfect record in Cycle 1 of Gold that looks to be turning around.

Best Hero: Rhapsody, 1.6/4.2/11.0, 201 GPM, 4-1

BeaverBanger – 4.5/3.0/7.1, 380 GPM, 42.1% win, 19 games

Unlike `Drentz`, BeaverBanger played exclusively in Cycle 1 of CiC, and actually never played with `Drentz` in the CiC Pro League (they did play together during the qualifiers). Now they’ve teamed up and things are clearly going well. BeaverBanger typically played the initiator role when we saw him last.

Best Hero: Bubbles, 3.6/1.8/8.0, 392 GPM, 4-1

Resher – 2.4/3.1/7.4, 224 GPM, 57.1% win, 7 games

Resher played with tUS in both cycles of CiC, and typically showed up as a support player but also occasionally took on the suicide role. With just seven games across two cycles, he was more of a ringer than a regular member, which explains the role switching.

Best Hero: Sir Benzington, 8.0/1.0/5.0, 351 GPM, 1-0 (Resher played 7 different heroes)

WhaT_YoU_GoT – 2.6/4.2/6.0, 272 GPM, 36.2% win, 47 games

Perhaps the truest member of tUS, as he was the only person to play all 47 of their games, WhaT_YoU_GoT is likely the most familiar name on this list. With tUS disbanding, he’s joined his former teammates in Null and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him back on his familiar jungle/second support role.

Best Hero: Tempest, 1.7/4.7/9.5, 301 GPM, 3-3

SwiftLame – 4.2/4.7/4.7, 353 GPM, 35.7% win, 14 games

SwiftLame is the opposite of BeaverBanger, played only in Cycle 2 for tUS, and nearly always as the carry player. He was a regular member of the team that cycle, however, and we’ll almost certainly see him as the carry once again considering how rarely he played anything else.

Best Hero: Gemini, 5.8/4.0/6.5, 423 GPM, 4-2

FuzzySloth – 3.9/3.8/7.5, 327 GPM, 38.6% win, 44 games

The second of three consistent tUS members (Diglet_ being the last), FuzzySloth was typically the team’s suicide player for both cycles. Like WhaT_YoU_GoT, he was on tUS in the previous cycle and joined Null after they disbanded.

Best Hero: Magmus, 4.2/3.0/9.3, 9-3


LEEEEEROOY – 3.7/2.7/11.3, 280 GPM, 66.7% win, 3 games

Some of you might recognize this guy if he still went by the name ImbaPingu, but he appeared under this name in Cycle 2 of Carnage in Caldavar as a ringer for willowkeeper against Reason Gaming. He played Bubbles all three games, and clearly did well, as tree took the series.

Best Hero: Bubbles, 3.7/2.7/11.3, 280 GPM, 2-1

DR0GEN – 3.6/6.2/7.6, 249 GPM, 20% win, 5 games

DR0GEN actually showed up under the banner of a different team, playing for Shrek is Love against SynC and Reason. With an appearance in their one CiC win, he technically has the highest win% of any Ogr player, and played every role in those five games except carry, appearing as a support twice.

Best Hero: Ophelia, 4.0/6.0/18.0, 259 GPM, 1-0