HoN Tour Cycle 4: players competing for nearly $30,000

This week marks the halfway point for HoN Tour Season 3, it also signifies the close of cycle 4’s prize pool funding.
Originally kicking off with a base of $8,750, the final Cycle 4 prize pool has more than tripled, capping off at just under $30,000.


To date, seven URSA CORPS avatars have joined Newerth, including most recently, SCORIA Magmus and GUNCLAW Gunblade. These avatars are available via Merrick’s shop or eSports Plinko.
Remember, for each piece of URSA CORPS content purchased, 25% of the proceeds are used to fund upcoming cycle prize pools and HoN Tour’s live World Finals event.

For more information and updates read Season 3 - Community Funding.

Sign up until October 18, 10:00 EDT | 16:00 CEST for Bronze Cycle 4!