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HoN Tour kicks off with an open bracket, double elimination tournament featuring a $10,000 prize pool and running October 26th, 2024 to November 18th, 2024. Not only do the HoN Tour qualifiers offer a $10,000 prize pool, but participating teams will also gain Tour Points which will seed them in the first HoN Tour Event Cycle.

Event Structure

-Runtime: October 26th, 2024 to November 18th, 2024.

-Entry Limit: 1024.

-5 v 5 (Teamplay, 5 players per team).

-Double Elimination.

-Best of 3 Rounds

-Matches will be held between 12:00 EST and 20:00 EST. Failure of a team to attend a match will result in a match loss.

Game Settings

-Game Mode: Lock Pick, 5 v 5, Forests of Caldavar.

-Based on the region you selected when creating a Hon Tour team, the system automatically chooses a server based on your opponent's region and randomly assigns you to Legion or Hellbourne. Sides are rotated after every game.

During the Match

-In case of an in-game dispute, pause the game and contact a match admin.

-In the case that both teams cannot agree on a decision or an admin is not available, the remainder of the match will be played out and the teams can submit the replay match ID for an admin to review/appeal afterward.

-Teams are allowed to remake the game if a remake vote succeeds.

Please make sure to check out the entire list of rules before entering.

Last Updated 10 / 25 / 2024

Final Qualifiers
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