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How to create your Hontour profile

Leon casino, 1. Register or choose a pre-existing HoN account for tournament use.
2. Go to Hontour.com -> Login on your HoN account using your standard login info.
3. From the grey menu: click Register, fill out the form and submit.

How to create a team

1. Log in with your registered account on Hontour.com.
2. From grey menu: click "Create Team", fill out the form and click submit.
3. Region is determined by a majority of players being from the same region. International teams should seek Admin assistance.
4. Distribute your team link and team password (NOT your account password) to your teammates to join.

How to join a team

1. Log in with your registered account on Hontour.com.
2. Go to your desired team profile, and click the “Join” button located on the upper right.
3. If you cannot join because the team roster is full (7 members) or team is in an event, please contact Admins via Support.


How to sign up for events

1. Go to Events, click on your desired event and click “Sign-up now” button under the banner.
2. You must be either the Captain or co-Captain of the team, and your team must have at least x members, where x is the tournament size (5 for 5v5, 3 for 3v3, etc).
3. You can find the event information and schedule on the respective event page.

When to play

1. On the event page, check the schedule and the bracket to see when you have a match.
2. If you have a bye in a round, it means you don't have an opponent and you will play in the next round.


What is the HoN Tour Lobby?

1. The HoN Tour lobby is an automated system that acts as a check-in and once all players are ready it moves them to the picking phase, automatically hosting the games with the right options, and using the server rules & team regions to select the server.
2. The match results are automatically sent to our website, so all you need to do is join the lobby and play!

Joining the HoN Tour Lobby

1. When you have a scheduled match, the in-game "Play now" button will turn into "HONTOUR" button. Click and select your match, then ready up!
2. The lobby will be open 30 minutes before and 10 minutes after the scheduled time posted for each round on the event page.
3. Inside the lobby there is a countdown for each period (30min before/10min after scheduled time).
4. If you joined the team during the lobby, please ask an admin to reset the lobby.
5. If you haven't readied up before the entire 40min lobby expires, you will forfeit.

Remove all mods!

You will be kicked out of the games if you haven't removed all mods. Please see Support for troubleshooting.

More information and Admin help

Make sure to read the About, Rules and Support pages, and any other rules that are written on the event's page you're playing in!
During a tournament, if in doubt ask an admin for assistance immediatly.

Last Updated 02 / 10 / 2021

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