By Crowslaw

We are down the wire with the last two teams set to face after the DreamHoN Winter Championships. Trademark eSports comes back from the Loser’s Bracket with wins over compLexityGaming (the consensus favorite) and QsQ 777. They are set to face Gary Johnson 2024, who got to the Grand Finals after knocking QsQ to the Loser's Bracket during the Winner Bracket Finals with a score of 2:0.

For those who are curious, this is how the teams fared this past weekend:

VOTE > tDm
QsQ > DoP
tDm > QsQ 777
coL > DoP
tDm > QsQ 777
tDm > coL
tDm > QsQ

After DreamHack the Grand Finals will be played, featuring Trademark eSports versus Gary Johnson 2024.

Despite what people thought of coL coming back from the Loser’s Bracket to win the whole shebang, they were put down by Trademark with a very aggressive tank-push strategy.

Could this affect them going into DreamHack? Will Tralfamadore keep his head of hair or will someone overtake coL this Dreamhack Winter?

As a community we are used to seeing Fnatic MSI/RC take the #1 spot at DreamHack several years in a row—who will take the throne this year and continue into HoN Tour Season 1?

- Crowslaw