The first Cycle of HoN Tour has finished and five teams have become the Champions of their Divisions.

[sG]Stay Green wins Diamond Division!

Just like old times, the team must have thought after winning the first Diamond Cycle in this second season. Congrats to [sG]swindlemelonzz, Mynuts, Limmp, Chessie and Zfreek!

[oo7]We Are Spies takes Gold Division!

They faced strong teams on their way to the top and into the Diamond Division, but the team of DirtyMobs, Rookie`, WhaT_YoU_GoT, CaKeS and Diglet_ never wavered and made it to the end. Congrats!

[PtTo]We Like Potatoes
succeed in the Silver Division!

drkrose, [CM]ZoSo_oSoZ, Tolgfors, PH1337 and `DuCC are the names of the team that became the Champion of the Silver Division this Cycle and will head on to Gold Division next weekend. Well done and good luck there!

[INSM]Insomniacs rule the Bronze US Division

No questions asked, this team had everything under control and so iGotThis, Resher, `SteeZ`, Kronicle and Died2Live won all their games in the Bronze US Division and will now fight on in Silver next cycle. Good job!

[GsQu]Gaming Square win the Bronze Eu Division

In the biggest of all the Divisions, this team made quite an impact and dropped only one game in the process. Ganal, DR0GEN, Kracke, Lil_Drake and iNaowh might be unknown names to most now, but who knows, if they go through the Silver Division like they went through Bronze EU, these names will surely be remembered. Congrats, guys, and good luck next weekend!

HoN Tour Season 2 will continue with the second Cycle this Saturday, don't miss it!

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