It was saddening to see so many teams forfeit this week but in their stead we saw some good games on Saturday. There was only one game in the Loser's Bracket RO16 where [KEN0]lett och vinna lost 2-1 to [AR]Aids Reinfected, so they will be joining the teams who forfeited their first matches into the Silver Division for Cycle 3.

[frm]Just Farm got knocked into the Loser's Bracket in the first match by [BLZN]Blazin, where they lost to [hade]HAVE IT. Due to the multiple forfeits Blazin will get a bye in their first match Sunday. Other big matches to watch are Aids Reinfected versus Seeking Perfection, [FRA]Frenchies versus [YOHO]You Only Hook Once and [SdS]SdS versus QsQ 007 in the Loser's Bracket.

In the Winner's Bracket we see many strong teams facing off early on. [DrDz]Druidz eSports takes on [PNIS]Pencils and the winner will face the winner of [vtL]Vitriolic Gaming versus HAVE IT. [boyy]The Big Boys takes on [L00K]L00K AT MY HORSE and in the last match we see [SOZO]Team Please take on [Dmsn]AnotherDimension; I feel this last match is the most important one this round.

Also the RO8 Loser's Bracket will be played at the same time the Winner's games are playing out. I expect to see Just Farm, SdS, Aids Reinfected and You Only Hook Once come out into Monday. I may not be correct but the teams are all able to take games off each other so there is always the option for a team to get swept in a series and then sweep the same team in the next meeting.

Hopefully there will be much more to report on Monday and during the week. I am looking forward to the RO4 in both Winner's and Loser's Brackets—the competition is heating up fast!

Best of luck to all participants!

- Crowslaw