Hello everyone, today I have a special guest from [coL]compLexityGaming. Some consider him the best Ophelia player, some even consider him the best player in HoN and, skills aside, he is one of the more mannered competitive players out there. Here’s a look at the famous jungler, Chessie.

Hello Chessie. Can you help us get to know you a bit better? What are your hobbies and history in the eSports scene and HoN specifically?

Hey! I've been a competitive guy since I was born. Always played a lot of sports in real life, especially soccer/football, which I played on a high level. For my gaming-career, my first competitive experiences were in World of Warcraft, where I first realized I could make some great money from playing games. I wasn't a known streamer, but I got the chance to play with the best and make more than enough money for me at that point. That game got ruined with expansion after expansion, and everyone left the game.

A few friends of mine played HoN and had asked me to play with them for quite some time, so I gave it a shot. I quickly realized I was pretty good at this game, and began playing a lot. After a while, me and my brother Limmp from [tdM]Trademark eSports decided to create a team called IKEA. We were pretty bad, but at least we got some experience from some UNGL-cups. I played a lot of TMM and had high MMR. My next team was [DrDz]Druidz eSports with ArchiTigeR, who now plays in [OTP]One Trick Pony and some other guys. This was the team I grew in and got recognized by other players. We played in DreamHack Winter and I specifically remember a game versus Team EZ where we picked Zephyr and I got immortal. After that, Zephyr was pretty much banned every game I was in.

After Druidz, I played in fpbs with noobG and Limmp from Trademark and then in It’s Gosu, where I first teamed up with Haxxeren. After we had a horrible Dreamhack, the team broke up and Haxxeren went to Trademark. I had a lot going on in my life that summer and had not been playing HoN at all. Then suddenly one day Haxxeren asked me on Skype if I would be able to put in the hours to play competitively again and join up with their team. Tralfamadore was going to become a caster, so a spot was open. I made the transition from solo mid/carry to jungler. To be honest, it wasn't that hard to learn and I adapted quickly. Some weeks later, we signed contracts with Complexity, where I am still playing!

No doubt here, Complexity Gaming is one of the best teams in HoN. What do you think helped you guys to be so successful?

I know for a fact that we have top-tier players in every slot in our team and everyone knows exactly what has to be done and how to perform well. When we had our longest winning streak and didn't lose at all for a couple of months, we were all very active and we scrimmed a lot, I believe that is the key to becoming a top-tier team, if you’ve all got the in-game mechanics down.

compLexityGaming: Chessie, bkid, Franzzii, Haxxeren, Horizontal: MoonMeander

More of a fun personal question now-- Trademark eSports is big rival for compLexity Gaming and the players have grudges against each other, both in and out of game. More interestingly, your brother, Limmp, plays for them. How does this affect you in real life, especially after your games versus their team?

Everyone keeps asking this for obvious reasons. It doesn't really affect me that my brother is playing in the opposite team, apart from when we play against them. During those games, I can't be loud when we are going for the ganks. If I scream “GO GO,” then he will hear me and know that something is up. Sometimes we discuss the games afterwards but we don't really have grudges towards each other. We both just want our teams to be in the top!

Talking about Trademark eSports, let’s move on the question everybody has been waiting for. They’ve been beating you guys so consistently lately. Why do you think that is the case?

Trademark is performing really well right now, and on top of that we are not as active as we used to be. We just have to keep playing and we'll figure them out!

It’s not only Trademark eSports who is giving you a hard time as you guys have had a few “scares” in the recent times in the Diamond League. One Trick Pony is a team that comes to mind. What do you think about the other teams in Diamond and your chances against them?

We believe that we can beat any team on a good day. However, like any other team, everything doesn't always go as you planned. Our strategies are often kind of risky with bad early-game but excellent teamfight. Other teams are picking up on that and going strong early-game. This is why in some cases we seem to be very far behind, but once they try to push into our base it just doesn't work. We play teamfights very well and we always have a plan going into
them. That is our greatest strength.

What are you guys working on to fix to win your dominance in the scene back?

We have to scrim a lot. HoN Tour has brought plenty of good teams onto the scene who all want to win. When we play well, we own but sometimes things just don’t work out. We have to work on raising our standard-level even higher and not give away victories to teams that we believe we should beat any given day.

I wanted to talk to you about the new C9-Inhouse League. It’s been a new way to compete versus other top players consistently as an alternative to TMM and has brought some excitement to the scene. Unfortunately, we have seen some drama and grudges between players -whose names I don’t want to give - from different clans, like compLexity and [sG]Stay Green. As a player known for his manners, what do you think about players from such top clans, who are consistently under the spotlight to act in such ways?

I love the inhouse-league. I think it is great and it’s so much more fun to play in then the regular TMM. As for the grudges, you cannot expect everyone to like each other and just be fine with it. This is a competitive game and everyone always wants to win. If people have different opinions about how the game is supposed to be played and you lose in that game, the winning mentality that you need to have will force some discussions about it. You just have to keep cool and understand that everyone just wants to play and do their best. I find myself getting along nicely with everyone from the IHL, and I think most of the people are.

Thanks for sitting down with me to have an interview, any last words or shoutouts you would like to make?

I'd like to shoutout to my team, compLexity Gaming and our sponsors: Soundblaster, QPAD, PNY, Creative & Origin. Also to NextGen Maneuvers(NXG), iNsania, Limmp, Limpanofdoom and finally, IWILLLOSE + vladmir99 from the IHL. Pick them for EZ wins!

- RoLanD