With today's winners in Gold Division securing at least 4th place, this is “go time” for whoever wants to make it to Diamond Division next cycle.

Last night [QsQ7]QsQ 777, [DonD]DoberOnDamp made short work of their opponents, going 2-0 in each series to move on. In the Winners Bracket, [DoP]Domain of Pain went 2-0 over [SOZO]Team Please sending them to face DoberOnDamp in the Losers Bracket.

[zhiT]Shit Happens also went 2-0 over [Dmsn]AnotherDimension so they face QsQ 777 today.

QsQ 777 is seeking to return to Diamond and AnotherDimension wants to finally claim a spot in the top 16. Only one will advance where the other has to try again next time. DoberOnDamp has strived for success this cycle, coming straight from Silver all the way to Gold LB Ro4. They face Team Please in the next round, which is a team that has come close in the past but now have another chance to make it to Diamond.

"We're pretty confident in our recent playstyle," said Porch of DoberOnDamp. "We've had some great games versus some great teams on the way here. We're pretty excited to be this close to Diamond."

AnotherDimension was the team that knocked DoberOnDamp into Losers Bracket so they team should be happy that they are in the opposite Loser Bracket match. We could possibly see a rematch between those teams if they both come out victorious today.

Let's look at the possible matchups that could happen in the LB Ro2;

QSQ 777 vs. DoberOnDamp

DoberOnDamp has been so strong lately and they seem to have good synergy among their teammates. At this point in Gold, experience and team play matters most as opposed to being individually skilled. I'd rate this matchup even and it could go either way, 2-1 for QsQ in the end I believe.

QsQ 777 vs. Team Please

Team Please doesn’t have a lot of time to scrim due to their hectic schedules but they have played together in SBT for a while now. I don't feel they have what it takes to beat the strong QsQ team so I give the advantage to QsQ 777, 2-0.

AnotherDimension vs. DoberOnDamp

These teams met in the Winners Bracket Ro8 where AnotherDimension won 2-1. I think if they were to meet again DoberOnDamp will have learned from their mistakes and should be able to win 2-1.

AnotherDimension vs. Team Please

Both teams have had their struggles in Gold, due to either having to forfeit, not having a starting player or inexperience getting in the way of finishing a game. In the end though, I would call this an even match but might have to go with a 2-0 win for AnotherDimenion because I feel they want this more.

Regardless of what happens next round, the losing team should not feel too bad because they are still going to Diamond. They will be seeded against the #1 team in HoN but at least gives them some freedom during the week!

- Crowslaw