Yesterday we saw [zhiT]Shit Happens lose to [DoP]Domain of Pain 2-0, who now move on to the Grand Finals. So far no one coming from the Losers Bracket has won but hopefully one of these two teams can break that trend. Domain of Pain is really looking strong in Gold, as expected—they are a top tier team. I just hope they have learned something from Gold about their team synergy and will dominate even further in Diamond, assuming they get the sleep their team so desires.

In yesterday's 4th place match, the teams were tied 1-1 and [QsQ7]QsQ 777 ended up losing two players. Both teams waited but DoberOnDamp could not wait much longer as some members had to go to work. QsQ 777 eventually had to forfeit to take 4th place.

As for the Losers Bracket Finals taking place today at 16:00 ET | 22:00 CET, we will see [DonD]DoberOnDamp versus Shit Happens, which should be a great battle between these two top-caliber teams.

When asked about the state of Cycle 3, DoberOnDamp captain Porch said,

Only great teams left at this point really. Maybe if we get casted we can get some more skins for Dampeer.

Dobermon felt jealous that Porch was getting all the quotes, so I asked him some questions as well.

How do you feel going into the match and how are your experiences so far in Gold?

Dobermon: I always try to look at every match the same, even though Shit Happens is a great team we are expecting to win. I think our cycle in Gold overall has been great, and we’re hoping for the best in Diamond next cycle.

It's good to be confident going into the Finals. I've heard that you want a new skin for Dampeer since you love him so much. Would you mind sharing your idea? As a Dampeer lover myself I’d like to know more.

Dobermon: I think Ozzy Osbourne Dampeer would be pretty great, maybe something a little less troll would be Dampeer as a knight.

Wouldn't Count Dampeer be too close to Ozzy Dampeer?

Dobermon: Very true, I trust S2 can come up with something pretty awesome either way, just happy to have the idea out there.

Later today we will find out how these two teams do. Of the three remaining teams everyone is playing for seeds and points to get in that top 11 spot. I consider the money an added bonus for winning Gold, and you should really be striving for those points to get into Diamond. Getting as close to 1000 points a Cycle would keep you in safe contention for the 4-11th spot.

Best of luck to both teams in Gold Loser Bracket and Grand Finals and to your Cycle 4 in Diamond!

- Crowslaw