Congratulations to [zhiT]Shit Happens for their victory in Gold Cycle 3! After being knocked to the Loser's Bracket by [DoP]Domain of Pain in the Winner's Finals, the team battled back to take the Cycle in a 3-1 series. They walk away with 1000 HoN Tour points and $1000! Domain of Pain gets $700 for placing 2nd and will be making their return to Diamond Division in the next Cycle.

Other teams that saw success in Gold Cycle 3 included third place team [DonD]DoberOnDamp, who began Cycle 1 in Bronze. They'll play in Diamond Division this coming weekend, thus completing their meteoric rise through the ranks of HoN Tour.

Making their return to Diamond next Cycle is [QsQ7]QsQ 777, who placed 4th. They will look to replicate the success that sister team [357]QsQ recently had in Diamond.

Best of luck to these teams and to all the teams remaining in Gold for next Cycle!