Last Sunday, [THBs]The Hug Bears breezed through the EU Bronze division and won the final match against [batM]Ban all the monkeys 2:0, making them the Bronze EU champions in this third cycle. Even though the Bronze EU division was huge and they had to play plenty of matches, they did not lose a single match in the whole cycle. So I sat down with their captain, LokaMyt, and asked him some questions:

Hello LokaMyt! Please introduce yourself and your team for the readers.
LokaMyt: We are 5 guys from Sweden, that have played HoN for a long time now. Only two of us know each other IRL and the others we met in HoN. None of us live in the same city either. Almost everyone is new to competitive HoN except LAN tournaments. I started this clan about one day before the tournament and we have never played with each other as a team before hontour. I’m playing the hard support/semi support in the team. Rasmus`Rape is playing the Carry/mid , Chinapuff plays Semi support/suicide/jungle, NateHoobs plays jungle/suicide/carry and Fantalastisk plays Mid/suicide. We were pretty much all around players when we started but we are trying to find the right positions that fits best for the team. As I said earlier, we are a pretty new team so we are swapping roles around a bit now.

How was this cycle of HoNtour for you? You did not lose a single match so was it all smooth sailing or were there some close calls?
LokaMyt: We managed to bring our A-game to every single match. Except for the first match in the finals, when we got outlaned and won it in the end by individual skill at the end. We checked out every team before we played against them and I was scared of a lot of the teams because a lot of them were 1900+. But that just made us concentrate more and we gave everything we had in every match. So I think the first game in the finals was the only game we didn't have complete control over.

Now that you are champions, what do you expect in Silver the next cycle? Will it be a march straight to Gold or do you expect heavier resistance?
LokaMyt: I think we can expect better teams, of course. But I think we got a shot to get to Gold. We are finally started scrimming and been practicing more this week. We didn't scrim once during the Bronze event. But if we keep scrimming and playing more as a team, then I think we have a good shot.

Looking further into the future, where do you see your team when this season ends? And who do you think will win the grand finale eventually?
LokaMyt: I think my team can bring it to Gold and maybe diamond if we practice more. Not winning gold but maybe a 4th place. I think Stay Green can bring something to the table in the Grand Final. With Chessie on their new roster and the gaming house in Miami with sLiCKz on normal ping and everything, they are looking really dangerous. I think [tdM]Trademark eSports and Stay Green in the finals and Stay Green will take it home.

Any tips you can give to the bronze division contenders for the upcoming cycle?
LokaMyt: Even if your opponents are much higher than you in MMR, don’t give up and think of them as 100 MMR lower than you. If you are scared of your opponents, you’re never going to play aggressive and passive plays in lane almost never win.

Alright, thanks for you time and good luck in the Silver division this weekend!
LokaMyt: Thanks a lot! Shout out to my team and house!


The Hug Bears will play in the Silver Division of Cycle 4 this saturday, good luck to them and enjoy the money you made in Bronze. You earned it!

- Blaze