The third cycle ended with a huge surprise. Not to me, of course, I always knew this would happen eventually. But to most other people out there, especially our beloved eSports experts, the last two days of cycle 3 were like a trip to Wonderland. I could almost feel the amazement of my fellow news writers in our cozy chat channel when [357]QsQ defeated [coL]compLexityGaming and Trademark eSports on the same day, looking extremely strong all the while. And the next day, it was QsQ on HoNcast all day!

So yes, the last weekend was extremely fun to be with QsQ in Skype. There was a lot of laughter and fun and everyone had a great time. NoVa got super happy several times and I think if they had all been playing at one place, there would have been a lot of manly hugs too.

But let's start from the beginning. Last Saturday, when compLexityGaming loomed in the Loser’s Bracket, NoVa held a little speech saying that this day was the day of change. From now on, things would be different and QsQ was once again a force to be reckoned with. Admittedly, it sounded all a little cheesy, but the speech did it's job nonetheless.

The first game started and as much as I'd like to tell you now that everything was different and magical: It wasn't. It started out pretty normal, there was drafting and after that, everyone got into position and played as good as possible. No grand new strategy or new take on the whole game, but instead they played as they used to, but with a lot more practice and experience. Lessons learned in the past were shown. Everyone committed when one player called out to attack someone, no one took needless risks and NoVa picked heroes that everyone was comfortable with. This improved teamplay came quietly from the long hours of practice.

QsQ caught compLexity on the wrong foot and, even though the games took a long time and it seemed like it was anyone’s game to win several times, in the end QsQ managed to win both games and moved on. The team seemed a little surprised of their own accomplishment. As if they expected a terrible defeat, only to discover that the scary shadow on the wall was just a rabbit with huge ears, made scary by weird lighting. "Day of change, guys!" NoVa exclaimed after the match, "I told you so."

After a short break, the next big team was waiting for them. But that wasn't the only problem, several team members had surprise real life issues and would have preferred to postpone the game. However, that was not possible and so real life was postponed instead. One of the hazards of professional gaming. I think that it was important that the next match was played the same day, because it had been going so well before and they carried a lot of momentum with them. Plus I'm rather sure Trademark eSports prepared for compLexityGaming, not [/b]QsQ[/b].

The games against Trademark eSports went just well as the ones against compLexityGaming did. The team acted as a well oiled machine and, even though mistakes were made, they did not allow themselves to dwell on those and instead picked up the ball again and moved on. One of the major factors was motivation that night. Each player had fun playing. And the games were fun too, featuring action all the way through. And before we knew it, Trademark eSports was defeated too. In just one evening, QsQdid the almost impossible and defeated both the number one and two in HoN Tour 2:0. And they made it feel entertaining and easy!

Sunday promised more of the same action and the team was ready and eager to play against [TTeS]TT eSPORTS, who had kicked them to the Loser’s Bracket the previous weekend. But this time everything was different. Defeating compLexityGaming and Trademark eSports the day before had gained QsQ a lot of attention and now many people hoped and expected that they would continue their streak. Once again NoVa gave one of his little speeches and the game started right away.

I think many of you watched Honcast that day or maybe the VODs later, so I don't want to go into detail here about the games. But they were easily some of the best games that were casted in a long while. If you haven't seen them, go watch them now, you won't regret it. Jonassomfan was so good on Bubbles, proving me right to mention his outstanding performance here again and again. TT eSPORTS did not stand a chance and, after two great matches, QsQ moved on to their first HoN Tour finals against Stay Green.

Once again, Honcast was streaming this live and once again the matches were outstanding. The first two went in favor of QsQ and the third game looked good too for a long while. But this time, Stay Green managed to take the game in a close finish. This was the first loss for QSQ in eight games against the best teams in Newerth. A final match was left to decide the winner now.

Sadly, this last match went rather badly for QsQ. I don't know why. Maybe everyone was exhausted after so many games this weekend or maybe Style’s hot dogs (that he bought from the shop next to his house at crazy hour in between the games) were bad. No matter what it was, at the end it was Stay Green who triumphed. But even swindlemelonzz had to admit that QsQ had become so much stronger and it almost felt like they had become a different team. And well, second place is still better than 99% of the other teams.

Also, even though the guys from QsQmight not agree with me there, I think it was a necessary loss. This way, they know that they are much better now and yet they also know that there's still a lot of room for improvement and they have the potential to become so much better. They’ve got enough attention now as the rising stars of HoN. Their recent scrims against Stay Green have been so popula that all observer spots were full with highest level players. There wasn't even space for me! And that was just scrims...

With this, I am sure that the new cycle will be just as entertaining as the last one and I hope that QsQwill prove that the second place last time was no accident at all.

And now to answer the questions from my previous article. In short: Yes, No, No, he did not tell, he certainly did and yes, there was major clapping, also rejoicing.

Next week, we will see how QsQ deals with their sudden increase in fame, what kind of fast food Style will enjoy between the games, which hero Jonassomfan will use to entertain the crowd with and if it will be another long weekend or if they make it a little easier on themselves this time. But then again, maybe they thrive in the losers bracket?

Until then, enjoy the fourth Cycle in HoN Tour, and good luck if you are playing!

- Blaze