HoN Tour Grand Finals secret location revealed; Hardwood Suite, Palms Hotel, Las Vegas

We’ve been following HoN Tour Season 1 for eight weeks now and we’ve seen some amazing things. We’ve been there for those extraordinary, five-man Tempest ultimates that turn the tides of a game. We’ve been shocked by the exciting roster changes made by the teams on the top of the totem pole. We’ve witnessed old rivalries resurface with a new ferocity and young teams break the surface to become well-known names on the competitive scene. All of those amazing moments, but for what?

For the viewer, you get to watch the best players in the world, battle on a stage few could compete on.

For the admirer, you get the chance to see the game of HoN change with each new cycle. New strategies. New hero match ups. New item builds. A whole new way to play the game.

But what about the competitor? For the competitor, you get the chance to prove that your team is the absolute best there is. The three teams with the most points at the end of the season get a guaranteed spot in the HoN Tour Grand Finals. The next eight teams get an opportunity to be the fourth contender in the tournament to decide it all. But WHERE will they compete?

Over the last 3 weekends, we’ve been holding the Maliken PhotoBomb Sweepstakes in order to find out where the Grand Finals’ secret location is. After all the commotion, we’ve finally figured it out.

The Grand Finals will be held in the Hardwood Suite in the Palms Resort located in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.

The same suite that NBA superstars practiced in and international celebrities partied in. On April 16th-19th, the top teams will be given the All-Star treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada while they compete for the title as the HoN Tour Season 1 Champion.

The location is set. The prize is on the table. The bar is raised.

The Maliken PhotoBomb Sweepstakes also gave one die-hard fan a free trip for two to see the HoN Tour Grand Finals in person. That lucky winner is Mitchell Rollo! Congratulations and we’ll see you in Vegas!

And for those who did not win, don’t worry. The new refer a friend program is being released with HoN 3.0 and with it, there’s another trip to the Grand Finals on the line!