Since Dreamhack Winter [coL]compLexityGaming has struggled to compete at a consistent rate. Looking to their problems within the team, they had lost Chessie to [sG]stayGreen and had tried out a few players to try and fill their jungle role. Originally they were trying out LezzQQ who came back to HoN after his military service, but he did not fit well into the team, and instead they ended up picking Riser_ from [TteS]Tt eSPORTS.

I had the opportunity to talk to bkid of compLexity about different things to try and understand more about him and compLexity as a team.

Crowslaw: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Could you tell everyone who may not know who you are and what it is that you do for compLexity.

bkid: My name is Josh "Bkid" Choi and I am the captain, drafter, heart and soul of compLexity!

C: You have led your team for many months uncontested due to your drafting skills, would you mind explaining more about what you did to remain on top, and if you were happy with your team at the time.

bkid: We were practicing a lot because our team was newly formed so we had an edge over every other team. That extra practice made us the top team and I was definitely happy with that period of coL dominance.

C: What do you think of the current American HoN scene compared to the past and also in comparison to the current EU scene?

bkid: I think the current American scene is rapidly growing thanks to HoN Tour. I see a lot of new teams forming that have potential such as [TFR]The Fire Rises, [oo7]We Are Spies, TteS, [aL]Absolute Legends. The EU scene is definitely bigger than the US scene at the moment competitive wise, but I am hoping that the US scene will catch up soon.

C:Is there any hero you want to see played in the current meta? It doesn't have to be something you guys have been trying but more, something you don't think can be laned properly right now.

bkid:I would love to see some Pandamonium, The Gladiator, and Devourer.

C: What do you think about the HoN Tour cycle system and teams repeatedly switching between Gold and Diamond. Is this good or bad for teams who consistently fail to stay in Diamond. Or should teams try to stay in Gold as much as possible as to not lose against far superior teams?

bkid: I think the HoN Tour cycle system is great. It’s really good for the scene to bring out new, unknown teams with potential. I think it's fine for the teams that fail to stay in Diamond because it will motivate them to practice harder, and to get better you need to play against good teams.

C: We see teams like [vdT]Vietnamese Dream, [C1K]Call It Karma and [DonD]DoberOnDamp and struggle to compete against top teams despite good success in Gold. What would you recommend to top-tier Gold teams entering Low-tier Diamond teams as far as advice goes toward improving as a team?

bkid: Keep on practicing!

C: With Rally entering common play recently, what took it so that teams started to pick him up?

bkid: People use Rally because you can use his stun to push people out which is great for pushing defensively (and) also have the offensive kill potential with his ultimate for ganks. He has a lot of armor so he is almost impossible to kill early.

C: Recently you guys have picked up Riser_ as a permanent role on your team. What are some of the challenges you've gone through incorporating him in your lineup. Has the transition been easier than you expected? After such a short time you guys are already looking revitalized.

bkid: We didn't have much challenge since Riser_ is a solid player than can jungle suicide and second support. We are just trying to practice more so we can have better synergy and communication as a team.

C: You guys fought a hard battle throughout the Diamond Cycle 6 Grand Finals series versus sG. Going into the final game what can you tell me about the thoughts going through your mind with the draft and decisions throughout the game. What went through your team chat when you noticed they were porting into your base?

bkid: I don’t remember what was going through my mind when drafting and decisions were happening, but when they were porting to our base and Haxxeren didn't have buyback we just said, “damn it gg.”

C: Do you guys feel secure on your position going into Cycles 7 and 8, or will you be striving to work harder to possibly try and get the second seed going into the finals or at least keep your third place seed to prevent going into the 4 through 11 tournament?

bkid: We feel like we have secured the third place spot, but we will still approach HoN Tour matches seriously as they’re great practice for us to prepare for the finals.

C: coL sponsor Creative has recently announced the PAX East event in collaboration with Honcast. What do you think about compLexity and sponsors working with Heroes of Newerth and S2. What else would you like to see from sponsors as far as contributing to the scene?

bkid: I think it's great that they are getting involved and helping out with the game. Hopefully more sponsors will help the game and host more tournaments for us.

C: In addition to PAX East coverage, the possibility of going to Thailand and the GSL event, HoN Tour cycle 7/8 and the Grand Finals, we also have the Sound Blaster Heroes League. What do you think about the amount of tournaments going on in HoN currently?

bkid: I think HoN's competitive scene is growing rapidly. Also there are so many tournaments that we are always playing matches week after week non-stop. It's really amazing to see this many big tournaments in such a short period of time.

C: Obviously we have many tournaments going on and the possibility for more sponsors to take notice and newer teams to rise up, as well as the option for older teams and players to come back to playing HoN competitively. What do you think is preventing many players from switching from League or Dota 2 back to the growing HoN?

bkid: Well I feel that right now League and Dota 2's scenes are bigger so they probably don't want to switch yet, but I feel like the way that HoN is growing, they will change their minds soon.

C: With LezzQQ, Mag1x, Kebap all coming back to HoN, are there any more players that may be playing again that you know of and will you convince Chu to play HoN again?

bkid: I try to convince Chu all the time, but he just wants to play League.

Lightning Round Questions!

Favourite heroes?

bkid: Behemoth, Gauntlet, Hammerstorm, Forsaken Archer, Lord Salforis.

Most disliked heroes?

bkid: Solstice, Parasite, Lodestone, Jeraziah.

Favourite game mode?

bkid: AR

Favourite food?

bkid: Jalapeno Peperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut

Favourite drink? (alch or non-alch)

bkid: Kirkland Water

Dobermon has issued a challenge for a 315 lb dead-lift challenge, do you accept?

bkid: No, I only stairmaster.

Well thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Are there any shoutouts you would like to make?

bkid: Shoutouts to compLexity and my teammates. Shoutouts to our sponsors: Sound Blaster, QPAD, PNY, Creative, Origin, G8 Brand and Twitch. And shoutouts to TteS and all of my FANS!

You can follow bkid on his twitch for updates on when he streams. Thanks for reading this interview with compLexity’s Josh ‘bkid’ Choi and don’t forget to follow and support compLexity on twitter and facebook.

- "Crowslaw"