The third week of the Malaysia Singapore HoN League is in the books with Privaron Espada and Invasion eSports leading the charge. The teams were already ahead of the rest after Week 2, but with two more sweeps they extended even further.

Privaron Espada, even without big names or old veterans, remains to be the sensation of the league, similar to the success story of bRix from the first Cycle of the joint SEA HoN Tour last season. Out of nowhere came a team that was causing havoc and made a successful push for the top spots. Back then bRix even held serve against the big powerhouse squad Orange eSports and the two Thai phenoms Neo.MRR and Turtle Master to get into the postseason. A similar story without the Thai aspect is at stake for PRIV, who have been playing marvelous thus far. Three matches and six map victories make them one of two undefeated teams - accomplishing it with little resources. Whether it’s EmmaWatson, Happy88, or HaoChiDeN, none of the names rings a bell or has showcased themselves on any bigger stage in SEA before. The fact that they now springboard onto the scene gives hope for the struggling two countries that are in dire need of new faces.

That need is even more dire seeing that the two household names of the past are gone. Only siifr and kiDDO` from Orange eSports successful time are left, while big stars like Shuiyu, MrGhost, dabeliuteef, Rhonn, or Trinity vanished.

At least the old veterans from an Orange era are still proving their worth on Invasion eSports - the last real sponsored squad in the region. After getting a reputation from Dota 2 and the Garena Star League 2024, Invasion returned to HoN as kiDDO` returned to the team. Their hiatus into other games hasn’t caught up to the team just yet, since they are the other undefeated squad in the league. Their last victim, Team bRix, was all name, but no substance and stood absolutely no chance against the Malaysian roster. With that victory the Top 2 didn’t shuffle, but the scenarios below the two top dogs got more interesting.

Especially looking at the fight between Team bRix and Team Evil Genius. Both teams were in striking distance to the top after two weeks, but are now losing substantial ground with slip-ups. The demolishment of bRix was a blessing for EG, who couldn’t foster their own success, but at least squeezed out a point in their battle with Malaysian All Stars.

The tie might be even more impressive considering the circumstances. Before this week the question marks surrounding EG were big and answers were due. A tie against a GSL13 veteran in Flawless` and his young team can’t be viewed as a massive exclamation point and silence critics and pessimists, but it is at least a step in the right direction. The standings reflect that as well, since EG is now the undisputed better team with a two point cushion ahead of bRix. A minor winner in the snail race for the third spot might have been Malaysian All Star, who could double their point total with the draw.

This also sets up intriguing possibilities and clashes for this weekend with MAS taking on bRix in a race for fourth. If the battle sees one of the forces emerge victorious that team will claim fourth and put the other into desperation mode. Usually this would be the place to discuss a “laughing third”, but EG will have their work cut out for them against Privaron Espada themselves. The two hottest newcomers will duke it out and battle for supremacy in the rookie category. Another sweep by PRIV would apply pressure on INV to follow suit, but it would also widen the gap between the top two and the bottom six even further. The question now is going to be, who is for real? Is PRIV really such a strong force, has EG benefited from a weak early schedule - who will get exposed?

On top of those clashes Invasion will put their undefeated streak on the line against All I Do Is Win, while GseA Gaming and You Meet Wrong Opponents have the “Basement Bowl”. The Epic Gaming Television crew around Babael, Abstract and Xenoviper will cover one match each on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s featured match will be INV against weeN, followed by yMwo against GseA on Sunday. Make sure to tune in and catch all the epic Week 4 action in the Malaysia Singapore HoN League.

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