Team History

Complexity Gaming, an eSports organization steeped in rich history, first got involved with Heroes of Newerth in mid-2021 when they picked up the North American team Deal with It. This talented squad featured renowned players such as jaH`, se'busca, Tarano and the current captain of Tt eSports, sLiCKz.

The first coL.HoN team represented the organization in several tournaments, including the second season of the North American Star League (NASL). Unfortunately, coL's failure to advance to the offline Grand Finals marked the beginning of the end for the team. After some internal issues during this time, compLexity decided to drop the team and, as a result, it disbanded.

Meet the Team

It took several months for compLexity to select a new HoN team, but their patience would be richly rewarded. Right after the first week of the DreamHon Online Summer Championship, compLexity made the announcement that they picked up the former Trademark eSports team. Featuring new captain Bkid, the infamous MoonMeander, support player Franzzii, renowned jungler Chessie, and carry player Haxxeren, coL.HoN represented a star-studded but newly-formed lineup.

The team had been overhauled completely since Dreamhack Summer 2021; Sender was replaced with Franzzii, Haxxeren stepped in for ZfreeK, and most notably, former team captain Tralfamadore took a job with S2 Games, taking him into "gaming retirement." Former It's Gosu player Chessie stepped in to fill the void, with Bkid taking over as captain and drafter for the team.

The View From the Top

Soon after being picked up, the new compLexity team displayed just how good it was by dominating the DreamHoN Online Summer Championships from start to finish. Established teams like iMpunity, It's Gosu and FIT could not handle the team's impressive blend of individual talent and team-fight coordination, allowing compLexity to walk out of the group stage without dropping a single map.

The playoff stage was no different. CompLexity rolled through the bracket, dropping only one map to Trademark eSports in the Winners Finals. In the Grand Finals, coL affirmed itself as the best in the world as they took out TDM 3-0, concluding with a fifteen minute win and an Annihilation by Chessie's Ophelia. CompLexity's dominant performance in the DreamHoN Online Summer Championships earned them the top prize of $20,000 USD and a trip to Dreamhack Winter 2021 in Jonkoping, Sweden.

But that wasn't enough for coL.HoN, as they would go on to further secure their spot at the top of the scene in the DreamHon Redemption tournament. Once again, the team went undefeated until the Winner's Finals, where they dropped a map to rivals Trademark eSports. CompLexity left no doubt in the Grand Finals with another emphatic 3-0 victory to claim $4000 more for their coffers.

With HoN Tour's arrival, compLexity is well-positioned to dominate this new, exciting event.

"Since Dreamhack Winter 2021, I've been hearing rumors about HoN Tour so it's nice to see it's finally here," said Franzzii. "A lot of people doubted S2 Games, even left the game for other avenues, but I'm glad I stuck with them. HoN Tour is no doubt going to be HUGE for HoN and I'm excited to see what happens in the future."

With no signs of slowing down, coL.HoN has firmly established itself as the favorite going into HoN Tour. It will be up to their competition to step their game up - or be left in coL's dust.

-Soren "Fantasy"