HoN Tour Qualifiers

HoN Tour kicks off with an open bracket, double elimination tournament featuring a $10,000 prize pool
and running October 20th through November 4th. Registration is open now and players and
teams can sign-up until October 17th at 11:59 PM EST. Not only do the HoN Tour qualifiers offer a
$10,000 prize pool, but participating teams will also gain Tour Points which will seed them in the first
HoN Tour Event Cycle.

Placement in the qualifiers also determines which division teams will compete in for the first
Event Cycle. The top 16 teams will be placed in the Diamond Division, the next 32 into Gold, the next 64
into Silver, and all remaining teams will be placed into the Bronze division. The most important goal for
the qualifiers is to place teams into the proper division based on their skill level. The higher the division a
team competes in each Event Cycle, the more money and points a team will be rewarded in subsequent

To register your team click here.

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To view prizing/point system click here.

To view the FAQ/Official rules click here and here.