Greetings Fellow HoN Players!

Leon casino, One of our core goals for HoN Tour is to grow the competitive community by getting more than just the elite involved. This extends beyond just competing in tournaments – we want to see our like-minded competitive players and fans of all levels get to know each other and develop the camaraderie that our top-tier players already share. To help cultivate an interactive community here on, we have integrated significant social features into Player and Team Profiles. While these features remain a work-in-progress and will continue to see improvements, we would like to invite you all to customize your profiles, interact with your fellow players and fans, and connect with your awesome peers from all over the world.

In tinkering with your profiles, you will certainly notice the existence of a Karma system. We will begin awarding and tracking Karma immediately, and once we have some data on usage behavior and the Karma distribution, give out tangible rewards for being a valuable, positive member of the HoN Tour community. With your help, we hope to refine the social features to be awesome tools for developing a bustling community here on However, even perfect tools would be useless if used incorrectly. We invite you all to share in our vision of a cooperative, helpful, and friendly community here on This community will become what we all make of it, so please join us in creating a positive atmosphere that we can all be proud of shaping.

Each of you is here because of your great passion for Heroes of Newerth. Let us all channel our passion toward helping each other grow as players and internet nerds, so that the competitive community we create here can become something that every HoN player wants to be a part of. We at S2 Games are truly grateful for your steadfast support, and look forward to the excitement to come!

Sincerely Yours,
Marc "Maliken" DeForest