Cycle 4 offered a lot of surprises in the competitive scene of HoN and one of these surprises was team [Dawn]Dawn. They were on fire and made it very far in the bracket, eventually stopped by [SynC]Sync eSports in the Losers Bracket Finals, which placed them #3 in total. They also defeated some very good teams along the way, starting out by dropping willowkeeper to the Losers Bracket in round 1, followed by [Null]Nullstone Gaming, and [NR]Night Raid, who were also unable to do much against them. Pretty impressive for a team that hasn't been around for very long and who did not perform that strongly in the previous cycles. To get to know them a little better, their captain L4byr1nth was nice enough to agree to an interview and although a bit sparse with words, offered a bit of insight into this team:

Blaze:Hello L4byr1nth. Please introduce yourself and your team.

L4byr1nth: Hey My name is L4byr1nth or Eddy, Im 21 years old, the captain of the team Dawn and I play the initiator/middle role. The rest of the team are Icelandgogo (jungler) , Yugobic (support) , probusk (carry) and Yellowrexxar (suicide).

Your team was one of the several strong teams to appear on the scene during Carnage in Caldavar. How did you guys get together, where have you played before?

I played in Fatal1ty in the HoN Tour Season 2 before. We were gold for the most part and we reached diamond once but dropped dropped right back to gold. After HTS2 we disbanded and I played a lot of TMM after that. After reaching 2021, sertas, who then was part of Dawn, asked me if I wanna join his team and thats how everything started.

Cycle 4 has been very successful for your team, you surprised everyone by defeating willowkeeper and making it to #3 this Cycle. How did that feel?

It felt really great. We expected to beat willowkeeper, but not 2-0; we expected them to do better at least. And the third place in diamond after being promoted was just awesome.

Compared to Cycle 4, the previous ones haven't been that successful, Cycle 1 and 2 were short weekends in Diamond and Cycle 3 saw you in Gold. What changed since that time?

Cycle 1 was ok. We had 1 strategy, which we played every game and it was really easy to counter. So i think we did fine in the first cycle. But in the second cycle we tried something new and we got destroyed, so everyone was mad and sertas wanted to join a team with his friends. He said that I can be the captain of Dawn now. I built a new team, which was really chaotic in the beginning but when we got probusk everything turned out to be fine.

HoN Tour Season 3 is halfway through with it's Cycles. How do you like it so far?
I like HoN Tour Season 3 a lot .. The 8 teams in Diamond Division was a really good change, and the Community funding is also really good.

Where do you see your team standing right now ranking-wise? After defeating willowkeeper, you certainly seem to be on the rise.
I see my team at the third place at the moment, but i think we can go even further!

Looking into the future, where do you think your team will end up in this Season?
I think we gonna end up in the third place.

Speaking of the future, who do you think will win the Grand Finals at the end of the Season?
Sync eSports.

Can we expect some new strategies or heroes for next Cycle?
For sure. We scrimmed a lot and we have some new strategies prepared for the next cycle.

Any shoutouts?
Shoutout to my team, to inklin, to breaky and to sync !

Short, but informative, thank you L4byr1nth for the interview, and Good Luck and Have Fun to Dawn in their future endeavours, they certainly aim high! If you want to see Dawn in action, the new Cycle will start Saturday, November 8th at 12:00 EST | 18:00 CET with Dawn playing against Nullstone Gaming. Honcast will cover some of the Diamond matches live, so make sure to tune in, maybe Dawn will be one of the teams covered!.

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