Zai scores an annihilation against coL in the 1v1 showmatch
To celebrate the launch of HonTour and HonCast's new site, S2 Games hosted a $1000 1v1 showmatch between compLexity and Trademark eSports. The format was a best of 9 series, first to 5 wins. The victor was declared on one of three conditions; first blood, most total creep kills at 15 minutes, or first tower. Each team swapped sides after every match, and the person who won stayed until he was defeated. The hero list goes as follows: Soulstealer, Gauntlet, Valkyrie, Pebbles, Aluna and if needed Andromeda, Pollywog Priest, Deadwood and finally a repeat of Soulstealer.

Complexity: 1 vs Trademark: 5

MoonMeander vs Insania
MoonMeander vs Zai
Bkid vs Zai
Franzzii vs Zai
Chessie vs Zai
Ensoe vs Zai

Match #1 Soulstealer

MoonMeander takes the lead early on with a creep score of 6/6 before Insania can even get his first. Moon’s early boots allowed easier harass and better positioning for demon hands. Despite Moon's aggressive tower diving, Insania could not capitalize due to the creeps encroaching and being at half health himself. With Moon at level 6, compared to Insania’s 4, he got aggressive and went for the kill. Landing all demon hands flawlessly and with higher base damage auto attacks he knocked Insania out of the competition and gave compLexity a 1-0 start.

Match #2 Gauntlet

Switching sides, MoonMeander now on Hellbourne, faces Zai as Gauntlet. Both went a shield item build and skilled enfeeble with the intention of being somewhat passive. Zai landed an early hook on Moon putting some pressure on him but went for a follow up hook, missed, and lost his clarity potion to a warlock. Moon saw an opportunity to go for the kill with a hit grapple towards Zai's tower and after a big Infernal Instability Zai was left with less than 100 hit points. Zai retreated to use a health potion which gave him enough hp to fight on even though it was cancelled. MoonMeander, being the aggressor once again, tower dives the hurting Zai but did not count on Zai's own Infernal Instability. After a huge power glove and two auto attacks, Zai took Moon out and the health Zai got from the potion proved to be just enough as he survived with 20 hp.

Match #3 Valkyrie

With MoonMeander out of the competition next up for compLexity was none other than Bkid, set to play Valkyrie versus the pumped up Zai. The game had a slow start, with both players trying to harass each other with Call of the Valkyrie and cancelled javelins but around level 6 both players got really aggressive. Zai, with a level over Bkid, chased him up his ramp and landed a Stun/Nuke combo which made Bkid leap away. After a poor choice to go counter clockwise around his tower, Zai landed the final auto attack and put Bkid on the bench next to MoonMeander.

Match #4 Pebbles

With the juggernauts of Complexity eliminated, star support Franzzii took the center stage versus Zai as Pebbles. Franzzii had a better start with a shield as a starting item and some clutch stuns near creeps. They alternated tossing creeps on each other to stop mana potions until Zai gained a lead due to his bottle. This ended up putting Franzzii on his heels and after retreating back to base to refill his bottle, Zai charged Franzzii under his tower and took him out with a Stalagmite/Chuck combination.

Match #5 Aluna

The next match up featured Chessie, compLexity’s jungle player, and the unstoppable Zai. This match was action packed with constant power throw and auto attack harass. After Chessie's health regeneration got cancelled by a lucky power throw across the river from Zai, he found himself at a crossroad. If he went back to base so soon he would be at a severe level disadvantage, but if he stayed he would risk death. Choosing to stay, Chessie found himself stunned and took a great deal of damage from Zai’s auto attacks. While trying to run back to his tower Zai landed a fantastic snipe and secured his 4th First Blood in a row.

Match #6 Andromeda

Haxxeren could not be contacted to compete so Complexity's 6th player, Ensoe, stepped up to face Zai as Andromeda. The match was going normally with each player harassing the other with stuns and aura buffed auto attack damage until Ensoe decided to try to get a tree near Zai's tower. He was promptly stunned, caught in a creep wave, and suffered major damage from both the tower and Zai. After a couple more hits and a taunt thrown out, Ensoe fell and Zai claimed the annihilation and victory for Trademark eSports.

Both parties played well, except for Insania. Although there was some chance involved, if you do the math you will always come out on top. I felt that I showed the HoN community what I am capable of. - Zai

I think Zai shocked most of us, especially Team Complexity with his plays and we are looking forward to seeing Zai and Trademark eSports in the upcoming HonTour qualifiers.

- Crowslaw