A few weeks ago, our very own Commissioner of eSports, Sam “Milkfat” Braithwaite was interviewed by Forbes in a discussion on eSports with particular reference to Heroes of Newerth and S2Games' latest announcement, HoNTour. They talk about the longevity in competitive gaming titles with a specific point of view from the developer and what they can do to further this longevity.
Aside from this, the interview also reads into Sam's thoughts on the opportunities within global competitive gaming in the next few years as well as the now some-what crowed market in the eSports-titles market. Below, there are a few questions and answers for the interview, plus the link to the full interview; check it out!

Here’s a sample of the interview:

What opportunities do you see in global eSports over the next five years?
One of the biggest opportunities in eSports is fostering growth from the bottom-up and solidifying the foundations of competitive play. We need to take a step back from highlighting and celebrating only the top 1% of competitive play and start highlighting ALL competitive play. With our new competitive circuit HoN Tour, S2 Games focuses on the foundation of eSports in HoN by offering consistent, prize-winning competitions for all skill levels. In fact, every two weeks, 112 separate teams are winning their share of over $33,000.

A lot of focus on eSports has been on League of Legends, StarCraft II, Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. How much space is there for eSports games in the current landscape?
Not only is there a large space for new eSports games in the current landscape but also new fans.* The reason why eSports have been expanding so fast in the past couple years is credited mostly to the expanding fanbase of eSports. Just as an avid sports fan enjoys watching basketball and football games, an avid eSports fan doesn’t care about the genre but rather the thrill of the competition.

What role do you see Heroes of Newerth playing in eSports moving forward?
We are big fans of eSports over here at S2 Games and we will do anything we can to support a thriving competitive scene. With the launch of HoN Tour, we focused our attention on the foundations of our competitive player base. By growing eSports with our bottom-up tournament structure we are able to unite our players and fans by building personalities and watching teams grow. With the way our tournament structure is set up, every other weekend is a “Grand Finals” weekend where our streaming platform Honcast covers not just the highest level of play but amateurs as well. This will allow for teams and players to create their own storyline and have a strong following before they even enter the highest level of competitive play.

Check out the full interview here.

-Seb "Shinkz" Torra