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The 2021 Honcast Awards are in, and we have a lot of great people to honor, so let’s get right to it. In Part 1 we have the winners of Most Entertaining Team, Most Entertaining Player, Best Newcomer Player, Best Newcomer Team, Most Improved Player, Best Content Creator, and Most Entertaining Streamer,.

WINNER – Bad Monkey Gaming
2nd: willowkeeper
3rd: SynC eSports

Also known as the team that actually made Season 2 entertaining, Bad Monkey Gaming rarely disappointed when it came to the action. In this and the following category, it’s very important to be two things: an action-oriented team, and a good team. The former because hour-long farm fests hold some interest, but endless ganks and huge teamfights are much more enjoyable; the latter because it’s not as much fun watching a team slam their head into a wall even if they’re creating action. BMG definitely ticked both boxes as the most action-oriented Best Team nominee – going into one of their games, you weren’t thinking passive play and you weren’t thinking poor play. Rarely did you actually get either, and it was never both. When a team has the right combination of skill and action, that’s entertainment.

The reason I believe that people found our team entertaining was due to our aggressive playstyle and seemingly strange drafts, whilst having huge success. I do not believe for a second that we would've gone for those kinds of drafts and playstyle without the huge encouragement from our manager, papabjorn. A huge shoutout to him, and thanks for voting!
– Handsken

2nd: BOXl
3rd: Superkge

The biggest missed opportunity of 2021 might have been the chance to put m`ICKe on Bad Monkey Gaming. Sure, Limmp was a great player, but can you imagine the insanity that would have resulted if m`ICKe’s Pebbles had combined with the aggressive play of BMG to form an all-out and endless series of ganks and teamfights? On his own the guy is constantly looking to make something happen, whether it’s in lane, opening the map for his teammates to farm, or setting up a big teamfight. But outside of his playstyle, m`ICKe is on the short list for the best player in the game – it’s one thing to play in a really fun to watch manner, it’s another to also constantly perform at an extremely high level. Whatever you’re looking for in competitive HoN, m`ICKe tends to provide.

Being myself is something I value highly and that means all the plays that come to it, no matter if I hit crazy hooks or huge Magmus ults, it’s all in my game sense. I’ve played this MOBA for a long time and showing people what I can pull off is an amazing feeling. I’m incredibly honoured to hear that many people appreciate what I can show you during our matches. Thank you all for the support, it means a lot to me.
– m`ICKe

2nd: RootOf_z
3rd: BeaverBanger

m`ICKe just edged BOXl on Most Entertaining Player, but come 2021 awards time that might not be the case anymore. After all, BOXl is pretty much exactly where m`ICKe was last year – winning the Best Newcomer award, a dynamic playmaker whose youthful overconfidence sometimes gets the best of him but usually gets the best of his opponent. BOXl’s talent is clearly visible when watching him – the guy absolutely has the skill to be one of the best players in the scene, and arguably is despite his relative newness. Which just makes you wonder: how good will he be when he isn’t a newcomer?

Thanks a lot for this award! I appreciate all the support, and although you didn't vote for the correct one on a couple other awards, I can understand why everybody’s judgment is clouded by my superior brilliance.
– BOXl

WINNER – willowkeeper
2nd: Nullstone Gaming
3rd: Dawn

willowkeeper's rise was somehow both quick and slow. Fusen started a team back in HoN Tour Season 1 with BOXl and RootOf_z, and Kracke has been playing with them for years as well. baltazar` is a more recent addition, but tree’s days of languishing just on the edge of relevance are clearly over. After Carnage in Caldavar things clicked and they suddenly became one of the best teams in the scene. In hindsight it’s perhaps unsurprising – watching their old games from Season 2 and the playoffs you can see the seeds of a top team. They’ve got excellent individual talent, strong team play, and a willingness to experiment. 2021 has been a very good year for new teams, but none more so than tree.

We wellowkeppas would like thank the community for voting. 2021 was a good year for us and 2021 is going to be even more promising for sure. We really do enjoy the game and each other's company, which has helped us grow a lot. Stay tuned for more Riftwalker and maybe few other heroes.
And of course all of this would not have been possible without Greta, our special boxicat.

- Fusen

WINNER – Zlapped
2nd: probusk
3rd: Z4NE

Zlapped was always a good player. That gives you an idea of how good he is now, if he’s winning the Most Improved award. There’s another dimension of play that Zlapped seems to bring to SynC – not only is he fantastic with every single common jungle hero, he’s quite strong on many of the strange ones and on the second support role as well. The diversity of ability that he adds to his team, as well as his incredible ability to learn new strategies is a pretty good indicator of a player who will jump tiers quickly when given the chance.

I've known Zlapped since before he started streaming. Now he's the biggest streamer and best jungler in HoN (wow, I'm admitting he's better than me?). He deserves mad credit for the way he takes criticism. When you tell him something, he understands the depth of it, and once he's understood it, he never forgets it. That’s one of the biggest reasons for his rapid improvements; he recognizes the opportunity to learn something from me or anyone and takes it. He's gone from a banana tier player to double orange banana tier over the last six months and I honestly couldn't ask for more out of a jungle player.
- iNsania

WINNER – Zlapped
2nd: SaintroX
3rd: KheZu

For a guy who streams damned near every day, it’d be really easy to get mechanical about it. Log in, start the stream, play your games, log off. But Zlapped still does a lot of things he doesn’t have to – he interacts with his viewers, including greeting them personally and responding to questions while in game. He takes requests, doing educationals, playing specific heroes, and answering all sorts of questions. Through it all, he gives you enough to know that he’s really invested in the game without raging, getting as far as compelling without going to annoying. And there’s no doubt his considerable fanbase helped him win this award, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about the quality of his stream.

To be voted as the best streamer is an absolute blast. I have been a full-time streamer for quite some time now, I put in a lot of hard work and dedication to make my stream as awesome as possible for you. So I'm sure you understand how happy I am to receive this award. Thank you everyone who makes my streaming career possible. You guys are freaking awesome.
– Zlapped

WINNER – Scumbagnetwork (Top Five Plays)
2nd: Tobakaz (Highlights)
3rd: quincy0191 (stats)

These guys are a personal favorite. Every week they bring the top five plays, plus a couple bloopers for good measure, and every week they’re quality. Not only do they take the time to watch a ton of random junk, the vast majority of which is surely useless, their video editing is indistinguishable from a professional. There’s dedication, experience, talent, and love that add up to a consistently excellent package sent to your video boxes each Saturday.

We're very honored to have won the award for best content creators of 2021. We put a lot of time and effort into our channel and to receive this kind of recognition means a lot!
We would like to give a big thank you to our volunteers, S2Games (especially BreakyCPK and AceJR, you rock!), and all of the members of the HoN community for your support thus far! Look forward to more Top Plays videos in 2021 as well as more unique content!

- Ninja and Skyzorz

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quincy0191 is a HoN veteran with a focus on the numbers. Fascinated by quantifying and valuing human beings, he shunned the world of finance in favor of sports and competition. When not on Honcast you can find quincy playing games like Civilization and Pokemon, or watching movies, writing, pondering, or catching a game of baseball.